Updated: {mingw-xz/mingw-liblzma-devel/mingw-liblzma1}-4.999.9beta-11

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 11 15:59:00 GMT 2010

The mingw-xz package provides a version of the xz compression 
library and tools built using the standard windows runtime library
and NOT cygwin. It is (or will be) used by setup.exe and is provided
specifically for that purpose. No other uses are supported. However,
for testing purposes it does provide mingw versions of the following
tools: mingw-xz.exe, mingw-xzdec.exe, mingw-lzmadec.exe, and
mingw-lzmainfo.exe in addition to the libraries and headers needed for
setup.exe development.

The xz package is the successor to lzma.  Its command-line tools
support both .lzma files and the new .xz format. The xz package provides
a new runtime library: liblzma supports encoding as well as decoding,
both .lzma and .xz streams.

This is routine update to a more recent git snapshot.

[[ compiled using gcc-3/-mno-cygwin ]]

CHANGES (since 4.999.9beta-10)
o Update to 2010-Apr-01 git snapshot
  Wed Mar 31 16:47:25 2010 +0300
o Upstream (only library changes listed):
  - Fix installation issue on cygwin/mingw.
  - New lzma_filters_copy(), lzma_physmem(), and io_pread() APIs.
  - Behavioral modification for filter chain initialization/update:
    Technically, this is a ABI change, but to date is is only used
    internally, so I didn't bump the DLL number.
  - Fix various liblzma bugs
  - liblzma now relies on auto-import, for MinGW/Cygwin

Charles Wilson
volunteer mingw-xz maintainer for cygwin


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