[1.7] Updated: {rxvt-unicode-X/rxvt-unicode-common}-7.7-20

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon May 4 07:59:00 GMT 2009

rxvt-unicode is clone of the familiar rxvt terminal emulator,
that partially supports unicode, with a lot of caveats. So
why bother?

(1) bugfixes. Upstream development of rxvt is dead. cygwin's
    rxvt is moribund. rxvt-unicode is actively maintained.

(2) For cygwin-1.7, rxvt-unicode should be able to ACTUALLY
    support unicode. Stay tuned for the rxvt-unicode-X-8.x
    series for cygwin-1.7.

(3) Pretty. xft support. Styled text[*]. Looks cool with
    inheritPixmap and xsri. (xft with antialias is a bit slower,
    but not too bad on a fast machine, and you can go back to
    non-antialias or plain old bitmap fonts if you're desperate).

(4) Lightweight. Has an optional client-server mode where all
    client windows are part of the same process. Yes, it does
    present a single-point-of-failure (but so does xwin!) -- but
    I haven't had a problem yet.

(5) no need for run.exe: the standalone urxvt-X and the server
    urxvtd-X will hide their console window themselves (using code
    borrowed from inetutils).  You still get a quickly dis-
    appearing cmd box, which could be avoided by using run.exe,

This is a bug fix and feature enhancement release.

[[ compiled using gcc-3.4.4-999 ]]

This is the first release specific for cygwin-1.7; there are only
minor differences between this package and the simultaneously-released
rxvt-unicode-X-7.7-7 for cygwin-1.5. These differences are mostly
documentation related (the README references cygport-0.9.5 and
cygwin-1.7.0-46, and the /usr/share/doc/ layout is influenced by the
cygport changes between 0.4.x and 0.9.x).  One other difference is
that cygwin-1.7's coreutils are slightly more strict with regards to
.exe suffixes, so the internal build process is modified slightly to
accomodate that.

NOTE: Even though cygwin-1.7 now supports unicode, this version
  of rxvt-unicode-X still uses the hacked-in utf8 support
  provided via patches from Thomas Wolff and does NOT use
  the new unicode support provided by cygwin-1.7. That will
  come with the (future) rxvt-unicode-8.x releases.

CHANGES (from rxvt-unicode-X-7.7-6)
o Fork for cygwin-1.7 development
o Build system fixes to accomodate changes in coreutils
  for cygwin-1.7 (mostly, be more careful about .exe suffixes)
o Fix bug(s) in postinstall/preremove scripts
o Update setup.hint
o Recompile against latest (modular) X libraries
o Update postinstall/preremove scripts
o Update to build with stock cygport
o Use cygutils to create Start Menu shortcuts for 
    urxvtc-X (client)
    urxvt-X  (standalone)
  There is no shortcut for the daemon urxvtd-X; you're
  better off adding that to your X server startup script.

tput sitm ; tput bold ;  echo 'hello, world!' ; tput sgr0

tput sitm ; echo 'hello, world!' ; tput ritm

tput bold ; echo 'hello, world!' ; tput sgr0

Fun prompt:
     ITb=`tput sitm`
     BDb=`tput bold`
     NRM=`tput sgr0`
PS1="\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n$ITb$BDb$GRN\u$NRM@$GRN\h $ITb$YLW\w$NRM\n\$ "
GreenBoldItalicUserName Def@ GreenNormalMachineName YellowItalicPath

Charles Wilson
volunteer rxvt-unicode-X maintainer for cygwin


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