[1.7] Updated: perl-libwin32-0.28-3

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Sat Dec 5 10:05:00 GMT 2009

All cygwin perl packages have been promoted to 5.10.1-1 for cygwin-1.7.
perl-libwin32-0.28-3 follows.

Project description:
A useful bundle of Win32 Perl extensions.

Port Changes:
* Rebuilt for perl-5.10.1 under cygwin-1.7 with gcc-4 (archname: 
* Reverted the patches to use the external iodbc module. We are using 
the standard Windows ODBC modules now.

I didn't follow the changes in the last upstream release 0.29 to just 
use the CPAN bundle and let CPAN do the rest.

Included modules (no changes):
Win32API::File, Win32API::Net, Win32API::Registry,
Win32::ChangeNotify, Win32::Clipboard, Win32::Console, Win32::Event,
Win32::EventLog, Win32::File, Win32::FileSecurity,
Win32::IPC, Win32::Internet, Win32::Job, Win32::Mutex, Win32::NetAdmin,
Win32::NetResource, Win32::ODBC, Win32::OLE, Win32::PerfLib,
Win32::Pipe, Win32::Process, Win32::Registry, Win32::Semaphore,
Win32::Service, Win32::Shortcut, Win32::Sound, Win32::TieRegistry and

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