New experimental package: gcc4-4.3.0-1

Dave Korn
Wed Sep 10 12:50:00 GMT 2008


WARNING:  You must uninstall any existing
     gcc version 3 before installing this
     package.  This will need to be done
     manually using setup.exe.



Well, here it is at last.  Experimental test release of GCC 4 series
for Cygwin.  Please be aware that this is highly experimental; anything
built with it is not guaranteed to be forwardly-compatible with the 
eventual full release.  ABI details may change; compiler packaging may
change.  The first stable release may come from 4.3.2 or from 4.4 series,
depending on which seems most production ready after testing.

As this is highly experimental, please watch out for bugs.  Anything
abnormal should be reported, in the first instance, to the Cygwin
mailing list.


This package is mutually incompatible with the standard Cygwin native
gcc-3 series compiler.  Because of the massive packaging differences
between the two, there is no simple way to present it as a test version
of the standard compiler, or otherwise have setup.exe handle the
contra-dependency automatically.

So it is an independent package, and early adopters will have to manage
their installation manually.  In simple terms: make sure you uninstall
all of gcc-3 when installing gcc-4.  You can leave the gcc-mingw packages
installed if you like, to save time if you plan on rolling back, although
they won't work in the meantime, and setup.exe will complain about the
missing dependencies and keep trying to reinstall the cygwin gcc packages.
Don't forget to uninstall gcc-objc, if you have it installed - it sorts
later in the alphabetical lists in the setup.exe package chooser than all
the other gcc packages, and is separated from them by the block of gcc-mingw
packages, so can be easily overlooked.

Obviously if you're reading this in the package documentation it may
already be too late.  In that case, uninstall gcc4; then uninstall
all of gcc3; then reinstall gcc4.  This information will be in the
release announcement, but who ever reads them, anyway? ;-)


Runtime requirements:
  cygwin-1.5.18 or newer.  (Probably works with older versions too).
  libgmp3, libmpfr1 - These may become statically linked in a future version.
  bash - Used for postinstall script.
  w32api - System headers and import libs.

Build requirements:
  cygwin-1.5.18 or newer.  (Again, probably works with older versions).
  gcc-3.4.4-1 or newer
  binutils-20050610-1 or newer
  Recent autotools, tar, make, awk, grep, perl, makeinfo, tetex, and
  probably some others, depending whether you modify the sources.
  Recent coreutils, findutils, diffutils.

Canonical homepage:

Canonical download:


  C (for the most part), various Perl, shell, etc. scripts during build.


Build instructions:
  tar -xfvj gcc4-4.3.0-1-src.tar.bz2
      if you use setup to install this src package, it will be
	 unpacked under /usr/src automatically

  cd /usr/src (if needed)
      or you can build in another directory if you unpacked there.

  ./gcc4-4.3.0-1-cygport.local gcc4-4.3.0-1 all
      unfortunately I've used a forked cygport script while
         testing this.  the stable release will rely only
	 on the official cygport release.

This will create:

Or use '/gcc4-4.3.0-1-cygport.local gcc4-4.3.0-1 prep' to get a patched source

To find out the files included in the binary distribution, you can
use "cygcheck -l gcc4", or browse the listing for the appropriate version
at <>.


Port Notes:

----------  gcc4-4.3.0-1 -- 20080909 -----------

Initial release.  Major new platform features:

 - Shared libgcc 
      (selectable by --shared-libgcc/--static-libgcc flag)
 - Dwarf-2 EH
      (no SjLj at all; if using EH and DLLs, --shared-libgcc is mandatory)

Plus all the GCC enhancements since series 3.

For more information about this package, see the upstream documentation in

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