Updated: automake-3-1

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Tue Oct 21 05:03:00 GMT 2008

This package provides a wrapper system for the various automakeX.Y
packages, and plays a role similar to that of the long-standing autoconf
wrapper package.

This wrapper system is based on the bash am-wrapper developed by the
gentoo distribution, with tweaks to support cygwin's existing
alternatives framework for switching between the various installed

The end-user experience should be transparent: invoke 'automake' and the
wrapper will select the appropriate version based on the contents of the
files in the directory where it is invoked (e.g. if Makefile.in was
created by automake-1.6 from Makefile.am, then the wrapper will "know"
to invoke automake-1.6).

This will most likely be the final automake (wrapper) update for the
cygwin-1.5 distribution; future development will continue with
automake-3-10 for cygwin-1.7.

Changes (automake-2-1 ---> automake-3-1)

* update to latest Gentoo release (am-wrapper-3.sh rev 1.3)
  + Make default automake selection more flexible and
    allow WANT_AUTOMAKE to contain a list of versions.
  + make sure we warn when someone uses an invalid
  + Make sure we break out of new loop as reported by
    Alexis Ballier.
* wrapper "alternatives" priority increased from 100 to 999.

Charles Wilson
automake volunteer maintainer for cygwin


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