Updated: catdoc-0.94.2-3

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Thu Oct 2 19:01:00 GMT 2008

catdoc has been updated to fix some issues reported by Bernt Røskar Brenna.

There's now a /etc/catdocrc file with the entry use_locale=no to
disable the automatic
output locale detection, which is on cygwin always falsely US-ASCII,
where it should be 8859-1.
If your locale is detected correctly set  use_locale=yes or remove this line.

catdoc dumps Word, Excel and Powerpoint files contents.

Canonical homepage:

Canonical download:

----- version 0.94.2-3 -----
* Added --with-input=cp1252 --with-output=8859-1
  Was cp1251 to koi8-r as default.
* Added /etc/catdocrc and postinstall, preremove scripts.
  Thanks to Bernt Røskar Brenna
* Added missing lndirs
* Changed HOMEPAGE and SRC_URI to new site

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