Updated: parrot-0.8.2-1 with parrot-perl6 and parrot-languages

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Mon Dec 29 17:46:00 GMT 2008

The parrot packages with libparrot0 and libparrot-devel,
plus parrot-perl6 and parrot-languages are updated to 0.8.2-1 for
the Cygwin distribution.

This is from branches/pdd30install_stage3 branch.
Issues: lua is now broken.

Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and
execute bytecode for interpreted languages.
Parrot is a target for the upcoming Perl 6 and a lot of other

Canonical homepage:
   http://www.parrotvm.org/ [new]
   The Parrot wiki is at https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/wiki/ [new]

Canonical download:

Parrot 0.8.2 News:
- Implementation
   + fixed lexical semantics
   + added the 'capture_lex' opcode
   + added automatic resume for nonfatal exceptions
   + added multidispatch cache
   + applied miscellaneous performance improvements, including startup time
   + fixed several bugs and leaks found by Coverity Scan
   + removed race conditions from parallel testing
- Compilers
   + IMCC
     - removed undocumented .param int  =>  syntax
     - .line directive now only takes an integer argument
     - new .file directive to specify the file name being compiled
   + PCT
     - properly handles lexical generation and closure semantics
     - uses :subid instead of name lookups to reference PAST::Block nodes
     - added PAST::Control node type (exception handlers)
   + PGE
     - add support for  and  assertions
     - Match objects use Capture PMC instead of Capture_PIR
   + PIRC
     - add macro handling to PASM mode
     - disable vanilla register allocation in PASM mode, but do allow 
     - add tests and bug fixes
     - first bits of bytecode generation. No sub calling/returning yet.
- Languages
   + Rakudo
     - fixed lexical handling and recursion
     - refactored subtypes implementation
     - support for quotes with multi-character delimiters
     - implemented list slices (Positional role)
     - list assignment
     - reduction meta operators
     - hyper meta operators
     - cross meta operators
     - more builtin functions
     - added Nil type
     - basic support for protos
     - iterator on filehandle objects
     - basic support for exception handlers
     - warn
   + Lua
     - added complex & mathx libraries
     - merged LuaClosure & LuaFunction PMC
   + Pipp
     - added support for a return value from user defined functions
     - added incomplete implemention of 'require_once'
   + Ecmascript
     - parser fixes, parses spidermonkey's top level test/shell.js
- Deprecations
   + PIR
     - :lexid is now :subid
     - .arg is now .set_arg
     - .result is now .get_result
     - .yield (in .begin/end_yield) is now .set_yield
     - .return (in .begin/end_return) is now .set_return
     - .namespace x / .endnamespace x syntax is removed
   + Capture_PIR (runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pir)

See also http://www.parrot.org/news/2008/Parrot-0.8.1
http://www.parrot.org/news/vision-for-1_0 and

Thanks to all our contributors for making this possible, and our 
sponsors for supporting this project. Our next release is 20 January 
2009, where all the cygwin patches will be merged into trunk. Until then 
cygwin is still the only parrot release which works without the source tree.

Packaging Details:
----- version parrot-0.8.2-1 -----
* merged from branches/pdd30install_stage3
* perl6 copied manually from installable_perl6


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