Updated: parrot-0.7.0-1 with parrot-perl6 and parrot-languages

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Sat Aug 23 15:21:00 GMT 2008

The parrot packages with libparrot0 and libparrot-devel,
plus parrot-perl6 and parrot-languages are updated to 0.7.0-1 for
the Cygwin distribution.

This release fixes some minor issues with the languages, but m4 was 
removed, pipp, tcl, forth and pheme still do not work.

Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and
execute bytecode for interpreted languages.
Parrot is a target for the upcoming Perl 6 and a lot of other

Canonical homepage:
   The Parrot wiki is at http://www.perlfoundation.org/parrot/

Canonical download:

Parrot 0.7.0 Highlights:

   * The new concurrency implementation makes its debut in 0.7.0.  See
     http://www.parrotcode.org/docs/pdd/pdd25_concurrency.html for more.

   * Rakudo (Perl 6) now supports class attributes and multiple dispatch,
     plus some metaclass support, among others.

Parrot 0.7.0 News:
- Specification
   + PDD27: add multisub lookup
- Implementation
   + new concurrency implementation (see PDD25)
   + Exception PMC now captures a return continuation
   + improved PMC encapsulation (Iterator, Key, Pair)
- Languages
   + Cardinal (Ruby):
     - class variables
     - parsing improvements
     - minor additions to class builtins
     - add support for block parameters to functions
   + Lua:
     - various language fixes
     - refactor all libraries (namespace, method registration)
     - add a OpenGL binding (still incomplete)
     - lost user back trace (see ppd25 & pushaction)
   + Pipp (PHP):
     - add support for while- and for-loops
     - add support for increment and decrement
     - designate PHP 5.3 as the reference implementation
     - improve support for string literals
   + Pugs (Perl 6):
     - removed due to bit rot
   + Rakudo (Perl 6):
     - now over 2200 passing spectests
     - updated the Rakudo roadmap
     - Perl 6 multi dispatch
     - dispatch with slurpies
     - class attributes ("my $.x")
     - anonymous classes
     - OO and metaclass improvements (.WHAT, .WHICH, .WHENCE)
     - additional builtin methods and subs
     - improved make test targets and harness
   + Tcl:
     - implement [lreverse], [lsort -command]
     - allow [incr] to autovivify
     - update tclsh spec target to 8.5.3
     - fix bug in TclDict PMC, allowing ~200 more [dict] spec tests to pass
     - update 'make spectest' fudging, using TODO instead of SKIP if 
- Compilers
   + PCT:
     - :scope('register') for PAST::Var nodes
     - allow invocant specification in attribute scope PAST::Var nodes
     - correct ordering of sub generation from POST
     - add 'loadinit' attribute to PAST::Block for block initialization
   + PIRC:
     - PIR registers now use the vanilla register allocator
     - all PASM output now uses PASM registers
     - all .locals and $registers are mapped
     - clean-up of grammar, back-end and documentation
     - implemented constant folding
     - implemented instruction selection
- Configuration
   + tests now clean up after themselves
   + improved parallel test support
   + ports/cygwin added
   + Darwin problems fixed
- Tools
   + parrot_debugger renamed from pdb, numerous tweaks
- Miscellaneous
   + IMCC cleanups
   + :vtable implies self in PIR
   + modest core speed improvements
   + Cygwin support improved
   + "say" now an opcode (was dispatched to a method; see Deprecations)
- Deprecations
   + ".pragma n_operators" is deprecated
   + old PASM register syntax (without "$") is deprecated
   + bare (unquoted) method names are deprecated
   + "#line" will be replaced with ".line"
   + ".HLL_map" syntax will change
   + ".loadlib" is now separate from ".HLL"
   + mmdvtregister and mmdvtablefind opcodes are deprecated
   + removed getfd, getclass opcodes
   + removed IMCC syntax that treated some methods as builtins
   + removed numeric get_attr and set_attr vtable entries

Many thanks to all our contributors for making this possible, and our 
sponsors for supporting this project.  Our next scheduled release is 16 
Sep 2008.

Packaging Details:

----- version parrot-0.7.0-1 -----
* added parrot_exists_check to .cygport. Already installed parrot
   still not supported, despite my #39742 patch
* other minor .cygport improvements: export PATH in seperate
   lines to fix check
* new patches:
   [perl #39742] [BUG]   installed conflict
   [perl #58034] [TODO]  config_args
   [perl #56996] [TODO]  FHS runtime paths
* enhanced patch:
   [perl #56554] [TODO]  make install -C languages
* upstream fixed patches:
   [perl #56544] [PATCH] install_files.pl
   [perl #56998] [TODO]  rename cygwin dll to
   [perl #57006] [PATCH] add cygwin opengl config quirks
   [perl #57296] [TODO]  make install -C languages


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