Updated: csih-0.1.4-1

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon Apr 14 18:57:00 GMT 2008

csih (cygwin-service-installation-helper) provides a library of shell 
functions that can be used by other cygwin packages that provide servers 
and daemons. It can assist in various service installation tasks, such as:

* identifying the underlying Windows OS
* detecting whether a "privileged user" exists and what its name is
   (that is, a user account with enhanced privileges necessary for
   some services. These may include, among others:
* creating a privileged user if one doesn't already exist (assuming the
   caller has permissions to create new users, of course)
* creating "normal" users
* obtaining the (localized) name of well known accounts (Guest,

It is currently used by inetutils(iu-config, syslogd-config), 
sspi(sspi-config), sysvinit(init-config). csih should not be used 
directly; instead, config scripts like the ones mentioned above should 
'source' the csih script, and then use the functions provided.

Changes (since 0.1.3-1)
* Add --help, --license, --version options to winProductName.
* Caller can now specify the password when calling
* csih_should_run_as now accepts optional [service_name] argument.
   If specified, then checks to see if [service_name] is already
   installed. If so, the user under which the service is installed
   is returned (if that user has the necessary privileges).
   Should call csih_select_privileged_username first, unless you are
   SURE that [service_name] has already been installed.
* Add [-q] and [service_name] options to csih_select_privileged_username
   See NEWS file
* Associated foo-config scripts that do not themselves install
   a service (such as ssh-user-config) can now query the 'expected'
   account that the associated service will run as (or is already
   installed under). Recommended pattern:
             if csih_is_nt
               if ! cygrunsrv -Q <service> >/dev/null 2>&1
                 csih_select_privileged_username -q <service>
               service_user=$(csih_service_should_run_as <service>)
               ... continue ...
* new functions for comparing x.y.z version numbers:
             csih_version_ge A B  --> A >= B
             csih_version_le A B  --> A <= B
             csih_version_gt A B  --> A >  B
             csih_version_lt A B  --> A <  B
             csih_version_ne A B  --> A == B
* Clarified licensing terms and attributions for csih.sh script
   Explicitly MIT/X.
* Removed any direct heritage from cygport due to licensing concerns.



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