Updated: texi2html-1.78

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Sun Sep 30 12:07:00 GMT 2007


A new version of 'texi2html' has been uploaded to a server near you.

A highly customizable texinfo to HTML and other formats translator.


 o Updated to latest upstream release
 o Switched to cygport build framework

texi2html NEWS


* Transliterate accented characters in file names. Use Text::Unidecode
  if detected.

* Handle @frenchspacing, @tie, @indent, @setcontentsaftertitlepage,
  @setshortcontentsaftertitlepage and the obsolete @allow-recursion 
  and @quote-arg.

* With book style the Table of Contents is put where it is set.

* Use more numeric entities, especially for accented letters.

* The `examples' directory now contains an init file for Mediawiki output.
  Mediawiki is the GPL'd wiki used by Wikipedia.

* new init file tex4ht.init. With this init file, httex or htlatex from 
  tex4ht is used to format @tex and @math.

* Init files now have a chance to override all file names, rather than just
  page names.

* Put the images under a double licence by adding back their original GPL

* If SIMPLE_MENU is true the menu is simply enclosed in a preformatted 

* The user can bypass the texi2html functions and provide his own function
  to do things similar that what is done for interfacing with LaTeX2HTML
  or tex4ht.

* LaTeX2HTML stuff is moved out of texi2html.pl, to T2h_l2h.pm.

* Add $USER and $DATE variables to override the defaults detected for the


* $TOP_FILE and $TOC_FILE are only set if set by the user. The elements
  file names are in the hash reference $Texi2HTML::THISDOC{'filename'}
  for use in init files.

* The API for image, normal_text, paragraph and node_file_name has changed.

* The $ENCODING variable is deprecated, replaced by $ENCODING_NAME

* utf8 is used as default out file encoding. This should allow for utf8
  translations for languages which cannot use @-commands for non ascii

* Use entities for ``, '', ---, -- and quotes used for some formatting
  @-commands if $USE_ISO is set. 

* don't set unset MENU-ENTRY-NAME if it is similar with the NODE-NAME,
  it is useless as it is a construct that shouldn't happen.

* avoid menu entry and description redundancy in the formatting function
  and not in the main program.

* accept - in @-command names (compatibility with makeinfo)

* in user-defined macro arguments a comma in brace is escaped (compatibility
  with makeinfo from texinfo 4.8.90)

* don't add the section title to the html title when the document isn't split


* When the file extension is set to the empty string, a trailing `.' will not
  be automatically added to file names.

* The texi2html script is now created by make and not configure. 

* It is possible to build the translation files from outside of the 
  build directory.

* When configure detects that no Data::Dumper is present, the build scripts
  will simply copy the files instead of breaking.

* remove handling of quotation second arg, quotation has only one arg.

* handle nested ifset/ifclear.

* Improved handling of @sc and @centerchap.

* More flexible normal_text.

* style_stack really contains the formatting @-commands. 

* caching of html generated by latex2html reenabled.

* when not split and no section navigation is output, the about page and
  navigation direction are not output for all the elements.


* Standardized on Automake 1.10.0 

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