New: rxvt-unicode-X-7.7-3, rxvt-unicode-common-X-7.7-3

Charles Wilson
Thu May 11 06:18:00 GMT 2006

rxvt-unicode is clone of the familiar rxvt terminal emulator, that 
supports unicode.  Except that it doesn't support unicode on cygwin. Yet.

So why bother?

(1) bugfixes.  Upstream development of rxvt is dead.  cygwin's rxvt is 
moribund.  rxvt-unicode is actively maintained.

(2) Heck, eventually we might actually get unicode support assuming the 
proper stuff goes into newlib.

(3) Pretty. xft support. Styled text[*].  Looks cool with inheritPixmap 
and xsri. (xft with antialias is a bit slower, but not too bad on a fast 
machine, and you can go back to non-antialias or plain old bitmap fonts 
if you're desperate).

tput sitm ; tput bold ;  echo 'hello, world!' ; tput sgr0

tput sitm ; echo 'hello, world!' ; tput ritm

tput bold ; echo 'hello, world!' ; tput sgr0

Fun prompt:
      ITb=`tput sitm`
      BDb=`tput bold`
      NRM=`tput sgr0`
PS1="\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n$ITb$BDb$GRN\u$NRM@$GRN\h $ITb$YLW\w$NRM\n\$ "

--> GreenBoldItalicUserName Def@ GreenNormalMachineName YellowItalicPath

(4) Lightweight.  Has an optional client-server mode where all client 
windows are part of the same process.  Yes, it does present a 
single-point-of-failure (but so does xwin!) -- but I haven't had a 
problem yet.

(5) no need for run.exe: the standalone urxvt-X and the server urxvtd-X 
will hide their console window themselves (using code borrowed from 
inetutils).  Actually, run.exe + urxvt + [-ls | loginShell=true | -e 
${SHELL} --login ] == 100% CPU for some reason, but ONLY that 
combination.  Any other combination is fine.

AH! But your version is X-only.  What happened to my split-personality rxvt?

Well, IMO the split personality is a bad idea: the worst of both worlds. 
  rxvt is configured to support only the least common denominator 
options, those that BOTH modes can each support.  So, no xft support 
ever.  InheritPixmap is, err, at-your-own-risk.  Plus, the underlying 
W11 library is just as moribund as rxvt -- and the wrapper system means 
ALL library calls in EITHER mode must be handled by dlsym().

But don't worry: I've taken over maintainership of the split-personality 
rxvt package, and it's not going anywhere.  In fact, I currently use 
'rxvt' when native mode is good enough, and 'rxvt-unicode-X' when I want 
X support.


rxvt-unicode-X provides the daemon, the client. and the standalone 

rxvt-unicode-common package provides man pages, terminfo and termcap 
entries (auto-added by postinstall if not present already), other 
documentation, etc.


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