New: checkx-0.1.0-1

Charles Wilson
Thu May 11 05:27:00 GMT 2006

checkX is a little utility I wrote that tests to see if (a) the X11 
client DLLs are installed on the machine, and (b) the Xserver on 
$DISPLAY (or -d x.x.x.x:x) is running and usable.

It does not link against the Xll libraries itself, but attempts to 
dlopen it, using a fuzzy name/path search.  Both the search path and the 
target name are explicitly overridable via commandline arguments.

In its default mode, checkX returns a 0 status if X is present, 1 
otherwise, and generates no output.  It is intended for use in scripts, 
which need to intelligently decide whether to launch an X-based 
application or a non-X (native MS Gui?  console?) one.

checkX determines if X is installed and Xserver is running
   returns 0 if yes, nonzero otherwise

   -h|--help            : prints this help message
   -d|--display STR     : use STR instead of $DISPLAY
   -l|--location        : print location of Xlib DLL on stdout
   -a|--appendpath STR  : append STR to value of $PATH (cumulative)
   -p|--prependpath STR : prepend STR to value of $PATH (cumulative)
   -r|--replacepath STR : use STR instead of $PATH when searching
   -x|--xlibname STR    : use exactly STR instd of fuzzy cygX11-*.dll
   -t|--timeout FLT     : allow FLT seconds to connect with Xserver
                          defaults to 0.5, use 0.0 for Xlib's (safe, 12s)
      --nogui           : disable informational popups
      --notty           : disable stderr messages
      --debug           : turn on debugging messages
      --no-silent       : allow error, warning, and info messages
Note that -a defaults to '/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin'.  To eliminate the 
default, use '-a ""'


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