Updated: gdb-20060706-2 (also includes GUI "insight" debugger)

Christopher Faylor me@cgf.cx
Sun Jul 9 17:45:00 GMT 2006

I've made a new version of the gdb debugger available for installation.
This version is a refresh from the CVS repository on sourceware.org.
The package also contains the "insight" graphical debugger.

This version is a quick refresh to accommodate changes in gdb's configury
required to actually generate the insight binary.  The previous release did
not contain insight due to these configuration changes.  This release does
contain an "insight.exe" program.

Unlike most cygwin packages, my preference is that bug reports for the
insight debugger, and the tcl/tck packages that insight relies on,
should go to the insight mailing list at sourceware.org (the host of the
cygwin list and cygwin web site).  If you do send a problem relating to
those packages to the cygwin mailing list, expect to be redirected

Remember that to start the insight debugger, you type "insight".  Typing
"gdb" just brings up the command line debugger.


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