New packages: libggi2-2.2.0-1, libggi2-devel-2.2.0-1, libggi2-display-file-2.2.0-1, libggi2-display-terminfo-2.2.0-1, libggi2-display-x-2.2.0-1 and libggi2-samples-2.2.0-1

Peter Ekberg
Mon Feb 20 11:16:00 GMT 2006

The following packages have recently been added to the Cygwin net release:


LibGGI is a "General Graphics Interface" and is part of the GGI project which
aims to develop a reliable, stable and fast graphics system that works
everywhere. The aim of the GGI project is that any program using GGI should
run on any platform, requiring at most a recompile.

The GGI project provides various libraries, of which the two most fundamental
are LibGII (for input-handling) and LibGGI (for graphical output). All other
packages add features to these core libraries, and so depend on one or both
of them.

libggi2 contains the core library and various modules that do not have any
extra dependencies. libggi2-display-x contains the X11 display module, and
is provided in a separeat package to please those with non-X11 setups.
libggi2-display-file and libggi2-display-terminfo also carry extra
dependencies and have therefore been factored out of the main package.

libgii1-devel contains everything needed to develop for LibGGI and
libggi2-samples provides some simple demo programs.

On Cygwin, the preferred display module is DirectX, but only DirectX 7 (and
above) are supported. If you do not have DirectX 7 (or above), you will need
to install the libggi2-display-x package and run GGI applications on X11 to
see any output from them.



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