Updated: CMake-2.2.2-1

William A. Hoffman billlist@nycap.rr.com
Tue Nov 8 15:55:00 GMT 2005

CMake 2.2.2-1 is now available on Cygwin mirrors.

There has been a new release of the official cmake (2.2.2-1).
This is a major release from 2.0.6 to 2.2.2.

Changes in CMake 2.2.2:
- Fix a memory overrun in EXEC_PROGRAM on windows
- Use GetFileAttributesEx for windows stat
- Remove -fpic flags for gnu c++ on windows
- Link targets with relative paths to the .o files
- Add a RELATIVE_PATH option to the FILE command.
- Add a SUBSTRING/LENGTH commands to the STRING command.
- Move the .SILENT to the top of the makefile to get nmake to be quite.
- Fix performance problem in check build system stage with make/nmake
- Remove the -lgcc that was automatically added by cmake to gcc shared libs.
- Look for java 1.5
- Fix custom targets and depend target
- Fix in parser to allow double quoted strings to correctly pass into TRY_COMPILE.
- Fix GET_TEST_PROPERTY command.
- Fix CTEST_MEMCHECK command so that it does memory checking instead of testing.
- Fix output of expected failed tests to test passed.
- Fix documentation for cmake -P, and -C.
- Fix -P with relative paths, and fix error messages.
- Fix problems with quotes in definition values and visual studio 7.x
- Fix install problem with missing mfc dlls

Changes in CMake 2.2.1:
- 2.2.1 is a new beta and was merged with CVS on 9/06/05.
- fix infinite loop problem in enable language/trycompile
- The makefile generator was redone to create fewer files.
- Xcode 2.1 support added.
- better support for add custom command with relative files as arguments
- provided default update options if none are provided to ctest
- For file removal if the file is a symlink treat it like a file and not a directory.
- Better install directory for windows.
- AIX compiler flag defaults.
- Objc++ test has the correct case.
- Language NONE fixed.
- Java 1.5 searched now.
- FindCurses cleaned up.
- FindQt/FindQt3/FindQT4 enhanced.
- UseSwig supports CMAKE_SWIG_OUTDIR
- Modules/ProjectCompatibility.cmake file supported.
- Modules/VTKCompatibility.cmake file added for Darwin builds
- optimized is now the default library used if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is not set.
- many bug fixes from 2.2.0.

Changes in CMake 2.2.0:

- CTest Improved coverage code
- Improved CTest -S scripts, new commands, and access to individual testing handlers
- CTest test handler now supports arbitrary CMake syntax in DartTestfile.txt
- CTest now supports both DartTestfile.txt and CTestTestfile.cmake
- CTest now supports both DartConfiguration.tcl and CTestConfiguration.cmake
- CTest now supports configuration from Source tree in file CTestConfig.cmake
- CTest supports logging output into a file
- CTest supports compressed submission files
- Speed improvements
- new makefile generator
- no longer re-read cmakelist files only get parent cmakelist file
- out of source source
- new parser variables in variables
- support for dart2
- Xcode 1.5 support 
- fortran support
- not compatible with cmake 1.2
- FOREACH uses variables 
- Kdevelop3 generator
- WHILE command
- lower case commands now supported
- parallel build support better, jump problem fixed
- lots of bug fixes and new bugs

See www.cmake.org for more information.


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