New Package: mtd-20050419-1

Robb, Sam
Mon May 2 16:21:00 GMT 2005

The mtd-20050419-1 package is now available via cygwin setup.exe.

The mtd  package contains utilities for dealing with flash memory
technology devices (mtd).  These tools can be used to create jffs2
filesystem images for embedded Linux systems.

The initial source for this package was taken from the
CVS server, and trimmed back to exclude a few megabytes of code that
has no use under cygwin.

For now, the mtd package only includes the mkfs.jffs2 utility for
cygwin.  Hopefully, as time permits and as people show additional
interest, the remaining mtd utilities will be ported to run under
cygwin as well.  PTC.

                       *** INSTALLATION ***

To install cramfs on cygwin, run the cygwin setup program. On the
"Select Packages" page, open the "Devel" category and select the
cramfs package.


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