NEW: alternatives-1.3.20a-1

Charles Wilson
Tue Jun 28 03:51:00 GMT 2005

This package provides mechanisms for maintaining a database of, and
managing, other packages which might be in conflict with each other.
The end user can easily switch between the desired versions.

This implementation was adapted from the version included in Red 
Hat/Fedora's 'chkconfig' package.  It has been autoconfiscated, 
chkconfig/ntsysv removed, and adapted for the cygwin packaging standard.

It is not typical for an end user to directly use these tools, UNLESS 
the maintainer(s) of conflicting packages have 'alternativized' them. 
(e.g. 'alternatives' relies on cooperating packages in order to 
successfully manage their conflicts.)  At present, there are no cygwin 
packages which have been alternativized, but the five automake1.X 
packages will soon be released in alternativized form.

 From the man page:
alternatives creates, removes, maintains and displays information about
the symbolic links comprising the alternatives system. The alternatives
system is a reimplementation of the Debian alternatives system. It  was
rewritten primarily to remove the dependence on perl; it is intended to
be a drop in replacement for Debian's update-dependencies script.  This
man page is a slightly modified version of the man page from the Debian

Charles Wilson

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