Updated: pkgconfig-0.17.2-1

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 23 05:25:00 GMT 2005

pkgconfig is a tool used for managing the configuration
information of OTHER packages.

This is a routine update to the latest upstream version, 0.17.2.

Changes since 0.15.0-4
pkg-config 0.17.2
  - Don't go into an infinite loop allocating more and more memory when
    the same name is specified twice on the command line and we're in
    "direct dependencies only"-mode.
pkg-config 0.17.1
  - Now actually sets CFLAGS and LIBS instead of trying to set those in
    a subshell.  (Only affects if you've autoreconfiscated with 0.17)
  - Fix detection of inter-library dependencies.
pkg-config 0.17
  - Evaluate second argument to PKG_CHECK_MODULES again
  - Portability fixes (MacOS, BeOS, Cygwin)
  - Handle inter-library dependencies and assume those are in place if
    the platform supports them.  Disable with --enable-indirect-deps.
  - Add initial test framework
  - Build fixes (make distcheck now works)
pkg-config 0.16
  - Use a search path, rather than a single default directory.
  - Fix a bunch of bugs in glib by backporting
  - More man page fixes
  - Lots of small fixes and cleanups over the place.


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