Updated: CMake-2.0.6-1

William A. Hoffman billlist@nycap.rr.com
Tue Apr 19 15:48:00 GMT 2005

CMake 2.0.6-1 is now available on Cygwin mirrors.

There has been a new release of the official cmake (2.0.6-1).

Changes  in CMake 2.0.6:
- Fix permission problem with FILE_WRITE.
- Fix process execution problem on win9X.
- Fix relative path function to work better.
- Fix for bug 1717, ctest sends the correct SourceFile so CVS link works.
- Fix for INSTALL_PROGRAMS to use the FILES tag to mark the list of programs.
- Fix for bug 1652, FindDCMTK now supports binary install on linux.
- Fix for bug 1660, language NONE now works with visual studio 7x.
- Fix for bug 1680, do not use c++ compiler on rc and def files.
- Fix for bug 1702, better error report with bad GUID.
- Fix for Swig 1729 SWIG_FLAGS does not need to be set anymore.
- Fix for Swig module (Bug 1730 c code broken, and 1303 wrap two languages) 
- Fix for timezone issue when start time is over 24 hours in the future.
- Fix for configuring read only files.
- Fix for MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 and MS C++ Express 2005.
- Fix running of objective c++ test with other than gnu compiler.
- Fix ctest warning file for cmake.
- Fix darwin xlc shared link flags
- Limit number of errors and warnings to 50 each per dashboard submit.
- Fix crash in CMakeSetup when delete cache left a chooser button.
- Fix missing Windows-icl.cmake file for intel compiler and nmake.
- Fix SET command so that multiple args can be cached.
- Fix depend problem with borland and renamed object files + goes to p.
- Fix ctest not creating xml safe strings.
- Fix ctest to handle proxies better.
- Fix relative path object files not being put in sub-dirs when props set.
- Fix INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES pre when directory is already in list.
- Fix for OpenBSD.

Changes in CMake 2.0.5:
- Fix problem on Cygwin installed with unix-file system and DOS new-lines in CMakeCache.txt.
- Fix BUG 1244 TestCXXAcceptsFlag.cmake should not run every time.
- Fix ctest double space problem with output on windows.
- Fix ctest not found test path to avoid multiple copies of the same test.
- Fix ctest regular expression for SGI remarks.
- Fix single character target in makefiles that confuses nmake.
- Fix RunSingleProgram to work with spaces in the path.

Changes in CMake 2.0.4:
- Fix ctest regular expressions for warnings and errors.
- Fix missing build overview information bug in ctest.
- Fix missing notes file bug in ctest.
- Fix bug 1179, parse error with $(var) make variables.
- Fix recognition of cygwin paths starting with a drive letter.
- Fix unclosed registry key leak.
- Fix unused variable compile warning.
- Fix resource leak in win32 process spawning.
- Fix INCLUDE_EXTERNAL_PROJECT command so it works as documented.
- Fix line reporting for the FOREACH command.
- Fix Glob file case problem.
- Fix for bug 1041, _MBCS sometimes added for UNIICODE.
- Fix when CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX is not set the installer crashes. 
- Fix for free Visual Studio command line tools to get correct flags.
- Fix CTest start time for other time zones.
- Fix terse error output in CTest.
- Fix argument parsing for CTest in --build stuff.
- Fix problem with RUN_TESTS target in visual studio 6 and 7 project files wrong flags for ctest.
- Fix problem with generated .h files not being recognized as header files only.
- Fix problem with spaces in the path and MinGW.
- Fix bug where cmake and CMakeSetup incorrectly always default to Visual Studio 8.
- Fix crash when adding a custom command to a non-existent source file.
- Fix crash in VS7 generator when CMAKE_CXX_STACK_SIZE is not set.
- Fix TRY_COMPILE to use CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_CONFIGURATION from current listfile.
- Fix missing try-compile debug support for TRY_RUN.
- Fix BUG 427: Try-compile when a non-executable target is specified.

Changes in CMake 2.0.3:

- Fixes for Find/Use SWIG, better error reporting and SWIG_FLAGS work.
- initial support for VCExpress visual studio 8
- LastMemCheck.log instead of LastMemCheck.xml
- timeout for ctest build and run
- Fixes for MinGW EXEC_COMMAND
- Fixes for install on windows, to work with Release/Debug dirs
- Fixes for install to work with shared library versions
- Fixes for QT wrapping commands to not require QT_WRAP_UI to be set, but still set it
- Better error reporting for win32 process running
- PreLoad.cmake file can be in source or binary
- Tree killing for linux and ctest
- FLTK FLTK_WRAP_UI now set for backwards compatibility
- More warning expressions for ctest
- Do not duplicate include flags for .rc files on windows.
- fix spelling errors in error messages
- report build directory used in command line cmake
- fix for bug 981, help in ccmake lost cursor position
- CMakeSetup browse buttons use current directories
- generated test driver programs flush the text menu
- Mentioned LOCATION target property in GET_TARGET_PROPERTY documentation
- Added warning to AUX_SOURCE_DIRECTORY command documentation.
- Fix BUG 971: command line cmake does not select good default generator.
- Fix BUG 999: Allow a project to define system name for dart submissions
- Fix BUG 997:  CTest cannot handle URLs which contain a "?"
- Add support to ctest for reporting timing information.
- Fix BUG 966 VC7 generator correctly converts command line flags to GUI options.
- Fixed link-libs commands to not crash when last argument is debug/optimized.

Changes in CMake 2.0.2:

- Remove automatic -I for source directory with makefile generator.
  Problems caused by this can be fixed with this command:
  Or, you can set the CMAKE_BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY to 1.8.
- Fixed parsing of unquoted arguments to allow double-quotes within the
- Add a STREQUAL to the IF command.
- Modules/FindFLTK.cmake: look for both Fl.h or Fl.H.
- Fix compound IF crash on unix. BUG id 917.
- Fix path problem with sub projects and IDE workspace files.
- Add a FindKDE module.
- Modules/FindFLTK.cmake: fix for bug 915
- BUG#891: When building CMake itself, use the new cmake to install so 
  that the current cmake can be overwritten.
- BUG: Files in top-level directory of source tree were not reported in updates log 
  for ctest.
- Fix find library so it does not find directories.

Changes in CMake 2.0.1:

- Platform independent Install (no more install-sh); 
  supports pre install, post install, manifest, destdir...
  faster and it works on Windows 
- Add support for SWIG
- Optional support for relative paths
- IF command supports better expression	support, like IF(A AND B AND C)
- IF command now has a numeric EQUAL test
- MACRO's now support variable arguments
- FOREACH supports a RANGE of values genertor
- CMake supports an automatic pre-load cmake file in the source tree of a project.
- GET_TARGET_PROPERTY can give you the build location of a target.
- Loaded commands have a crash signal handler to detect crashes not caused by cmake.
- GET/SET_DIRECTORY_PROPERTY/PROPERTIES commands so that we can	change include directories
  and get all sorts of things. 
- VERBOSE build option for visual studio IDE generators.
  environment variables in addition to and before the PATH environment variable.
- Each sub project in a project now creates a top level IDE project file so it can
  be loaded independently.
- A saftey chech was added to make sure that files written using WRITE_FILE 
  and FILE WRITE are not used as input files which can lead to infinite loops in the build.
- Add support for adding object files and sources. This way you can use external 
  program such as assembler or fortran to generate object files. Also star of 
  fixing: Bug #757
- add .o file as a source file.
- CCmake support for HOME and END keys. Also fix Bug #666, in CCMake when deleting
  something, it does not stop at the beginning of line.
- Fix externl projects for VS7 and VS6.
- New support for import of modules without specifying a path.
- New testing option to build and run an executable --build-and-test.
- Support for shared library versions on UNIX.
- SUBDIR command now supports PREORDER build option.
- Add support for file names with +-~ in them for borland compiler.
- Mac OSX bundle executable creation support with the ADD_EXECUTABLE command.
- CTest Support for in-source builds.
- CTest Skip tests that do not have defects.
- CTest new option -I that adds the ability to run a limited sub-set of the tests.
- CTest support for Valgrind and Purify.
- CTest New testing script support, that allows the nightly testing process to be automated.
- New Find modules: FindPHP4.cmake, FindPerlLibs.cmake, FindPike.cmake, FindRuby.cmake, 
  FindSWIG.cmake, UseSWIG.cmake
- Many bug fixes and other minor changes.

See www.cmake.org for more information.


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