NEW: libtiff5-3.7.0beta2-1 UPDATED: tiff-3.7.0beta2-1, libtiff-devel-3.7.0beta2-1

Charles Wilson
Wed Oct 13 02:22:00 GMT 2004

The tiff package provides libraries and utilities for manipulating TIFF 
image files.  It is based on the official tiff-3.7.0beta2.tar.gz
distribution from

libtiff5-3.7.0beta2-1 (* new package)


* version bump and new package for the DLL (x)
* updated to the tiff-v3.6.0beta2 release
* LZW compression supported included
* now built using libtool

(x) As with the recent ncurses release, the switch to using libtool to 
build the shared library changed the name of the DLL without actually 
changing the ABI.  (Was: cygtiffN.dll  Now: cygtiff-N.dll)  To 
accomodate that change, within the cygwin packaging conventions, I 
bumped the DLL number (and package number) from "4" to "5".
   Old package   libtiff4   contains   cygtiff4.dll
   New package   libtiff5   contains   cygtiff-5.dll

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