Updated: apr(-util) 0.9.5_2.0.52-1

Max Bowsher maxb@ukf.net
Mon Nov 1 20:18:00 GMT 2004

APR and APR-util, portability and miscellaneous utility libraries,
have been updated in the Cygwin net distribution to version 0.9.5_2.0.52-1.

This version number deserves a bit of explanation:

The 0.9.x branch of APR, used by httpd 2.0.x and Subversion 1.x is in an 
unpleasant limbo between being a subdirectory of the httpd source code, and 
an independent project in it's own right. Releases of APR itself have been 
annoyingly sporadic, leading to non-httpd clients of the library (such as 
Subversion) adopting the practice of treating "whatever is in the apache 
2.0.XX tarball" as the latest released version. The current apr 0.9.x branch 
identifies itself as 0.9.5, presumably working towards an eventual 0.9.5 
release - if that ever actually happens. Hence, this package identifies 
itself as "0.9.5_2.0.52", the apr 0.9.5 development version as snapshotted 
in the httpd-2.0.52 release.

The purpose of this update is to provide anyone working on packaging Apache 
2 with up-to-date apr(-util) libraries. Diffs of the upstream CHANGES file 
since the previous Cygwin package are at the bottom of this message, below 
the unsubscribe info, if you are particularly curious.

Max Bowsher.


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+  *) Makes the threads to behave like on posix. If the thread is created
+     without APR_DETACH expect that the thread_join will be called, so 
+     close the handle in advance, if the thread has already finished.
+     [Mladen Turk]
+   *) The apr/test/Makefile.win is missing a target to build a
+     readchild.exe that test is depending on but is never built.
+     [Mladen Turk]
+  *) Fix build issues in paths containing symlinks.  PR 8867.
+     [Joe Orton]
+  *) Update config.{guess,sub} for DragonFly BSD.  PR 29858.
+     [Joe Orton]
+  *) Win32: Fix bug in apr_socket_sendfile that interferred with
+     Win32 LSPs. Bug is described in Apache 2.0 bugzilla report
+     23982 [Jan Bilek, Bill Stoddard]
+  *) apr_proc_create() on Unix: Remove unnecessary check for read
+     access to the working directory of the child process.
+     PR 30137.  [Jeremy Chadwick <apache jdc.parodius.com>]
+  *) Win32: Fix bug tracking the file pointer on a file opened for
+     overlapped/APR_XTHREAD io. [Bill Stoddard]
+  *) Fix FreeBSD atomics.  [Paul Querna <chip force-elite.com>]
+  *) Fix apr_snprintf() to respect precision for small floating point
+     numbers.  PR 29621.  [Artur Zaprzala <zybi talex.pl>]
+  *) Add command type APR_SHELLCMD_ENV for creating a process
+     which is started by the shell and which inherits the parent's
+     environment variables.  [Jeff Trawick]
+  *) Change default inter-process locking mechanisms: POSIX semaphores
+     and pthread cross-process mutexes are not used by default; on
+     Solaris, fcntl locks are used by default.  [Joe Orton]
+  *) Don't try to enable run-time linking on AIX < 4.2, as this
+     results in invalid linker options being used.  PR 29170.
+     [Jeff Trawick]


+  *) Guarantee and require default address alignment for block offsets
+     within segments in the apr_rmm interface.  PR 29873.  [Joe Orton]
+  *) SECURITY: CAN-2004-0786 (cve.mitre.org)
+     Fix input validation in apr_uri_parse() to avoid passing negative
+     length to memcpy for malformed IPv6 literal addresses.
+     [Joe Orton]
+  *) Fix build issues in paths containing symlinks.  PR 8867.
+     [Joe Orton]

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