NEW: libintl-3-0.14.1-1, Updated: gettext-0.14.1-1, gettext-devel-0.14.1-1, libgettextpo0-0.14.1-1

Charles Wilson
Thu Jul 8 17:26:00 GMT 2004

gettext is the GNU package which provides 'national language support'
for other programs. It includes a number of utility programs.

These should be upgraded together with the libiconv packages.


libintl3-0.14.1-1 (*)

(*) new library package -- the DLL ver of libintl was bumped by the 
upstream maintainers.  You can (and should) have both libintl2-0.12.1-3 
and libintl3-0.14.1-1 installed.


* Routine update to 0.14.1 upstream release
   -  see /usr/share/doc/gettext-0.14.1/NEWS for changes since 0.12.1
* See NOTES below



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Now that libtool doesn't relink forever, we use cyggettextlib-0-12-1.dll
and cyggettextsrc-0-12-1.dll.  Now, the odd thing about this is,
cyggettext*-0-12-1 are PRIVATE libraries.  Their version number will
change with every new release, but since nobody (outside of this
package) is allowed to use them, there's no need to worry about
backwards compatibility and keeping old versions around and -- you would
think -- no need to put them into their own package.

BUT.  cyggettextpo-0.dll provides the PUBLIC interface to those two
private libraries, to which you can link via the libgettextpo.dll.a
import library.  Thus, external packages might depend on
cyggettextpo-0.dll (which in turn depends on cyggettextlib-X-Y-Z and
cyggettextsrc-X-Y-Z, but they don't know that).  Thus,
cyggettextpo-0.dll needs to be in its own package -- AND
cyggettextsrc-X-Y-Z.dll / cyggettextlib-X-Y-Z.dll need to be with it.
Thus, later versions of gettextpo will look like this:

    libgettextpo0 (first)
    libgettextpo0 (next, but public interface gettextpo hasn't changed)

External packages keep seeing cyggettextpo-0.dll, but behind the scenes
the private library versions keep changing.  But they MUST be
distributed together with the public lib, or the whole thing breaks.

So, all three libs go into the new libgettextpo0 package.  (And
naturally, if the public API changes, then that package name will get
version-bumped to libgettextpo1, etc)

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