Updated: openldap-2.2.15-2/libopenldap2_2_7-2.2.15-2/openldap-devel-2.2.15-2

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Sun Aug 22 15:55:00 GMT 2004


A new version of 'openldap/libopenldap2_2_7/openldap-devel' has been uploaded to a server near you.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol clients, servers and libraries.


* Repackaged libopenldap2-2-15-2.2.15-1 as libopenldap2_2_7-2.2.15-2
  so that setup recognizes the package


* The LDAP servers are included this time
  *** WARNING: Although the complete testsuite passed, I would not 
               recommend the servers for production use. 
      Please check regularly with the OpenLDAP mailing list at

* Build with cygwin-1.5.10

* Routine upgrade to 2.2.15

openldap NEWS

OpenLDAP 2.2 Change Log

OpenLDAP 2.2.15 Release
	Fixed back-bdb DB_DEADLOCK memory leak bug (ITS#3213)
	Fixed back-bdb dbcache locking bug (ITS#3201)
	Fixed back-bdb ctxcsn locking bug
	Fixed back-bdb modify index corruption (ITS#3226)
	Fixed back-bdb leaking locks in tools (ITS#3245)
	Fixed back-bdb leaking locks in overlays (ITS#3255)
	Fixed back-hdb dn2id bug with unsigned chars
	Fixed back-ldap shared connections failover (ITS#3217)
	Fixed back-ldap validate/pretty values (ITS#3218)
	Fixed back-monitor/backglue clash in tool mode (ITS#3254)
	Fixed slapi slapi_int_compute_output_ber attrs bug
	Fixed slapd uniqueMember/nameUID bugs (ITS#3210)
	Fixed slapd uniqueMemberMatch empty DN portion bug (ITS#3247)
	Fixed slapd oidValidate 0 bug (ITS#3211)
	Fixed slapd operational attribute log message bug (ITS#3205)
	Fixed slapd pagedResults invalid cookie bug (ITS#3089)
	Fixed slapd group ACL locking bug (ITS#3173)
	Fixed slapd ACI caching bug (caching disabled, ITS#3215)
	Fixed slapd abandon/cancel pending bug
	Fixed slapd attribute description syntax bug
	Fixed slapadd dryrun mode (ITS#3244)
	Fixed libldap SASL re-encode bug
	Fixed libldap sasl_encode 64-bit bug (ITS#3054,3212)
	Fixed libldap matchedValues parsing bug (ITS#3208,3216)
	Fixed libldap DN '=' handling
	Fixed libldap_r runqueue bug
	Fixed librewrite empty rewriteContext leak (ITS#3256)
	Fixed ldapmodify controls input bug (ITS#3257)
	Updated libldap_r read/writer locks
	Build environments
		Added additional res_query detection for MacOS X
		Added default ldapi:// SSF build setting
		Fixed OPENLDAP_FD_SETSIZE macro handlling
		Fixed slapd linking on MS Windows
		Fixed backend module linking
		Misc. man page cleanup

OpenLDAP 2.2.14 Release
	Fixed back-bdb ignore deadlock bug (ITS#3188)
	Fixed back-bdb pagedResults no end cookie bug (ITS#3161)
	Fixed back-bdb pagedResults clear controls bug (ITS#3182)
	Fixed back-bdb pagedResults ignore control bug
	Fixed back-hdb empty suffix bugs (ITS#3063,3186)
	Fixed back-meta freeit bug (ITS#3190)
	Fixed slapi prototypes bug (ITS#3166)
	Fixed slapi internal search limit bugs (ITS#3183)
	Added slapd -l USER/DAEMON options (ITS#3187)
	Build environments
		Fixed back-sql trace builds
		Fixed slapd.access(5) dn.regex $$ bug

OpenLDAP 2.2.13 Release
	Fixed pcache CSN pending segfault (ITS#3180)
	Added libldap cert check extension (ITS#3134)

OpenLDAP 2.2.12 Release
	Fixed slapd empty DN uniqueMember normalization
	Fixed slapd empty DN in proxyAuthx control
	Fixed slapd parsing of auth{cz} "dn:<pat>" rules
	Fixed slapd first component bug (ITS#3118)
	Fixed slapd TOLOWER macro use bug (ITS#3115)
	Fixed slapd TLS context clash bug (ITS#3109)
	Fixed slapd ACL set recursion (ITS#3140)
	Fixed slapd entry2mods normalization bug (ITS#3144,3152)
	Fixed slapd extended match memory leak (ITS#3146)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl persist interval issue (ITS#3064)
	Fixed slapd abandon/cancel pending bug (ITS#3160)
	Fixed slapd sl_malloc memory leak (ITS#3155)
	Fixed back-ldap normalization bug 
	Fixed pcache cache_entries init bug (ITS#3150)
	Fixed pcache consistency_check bug (ITS#3151)
	Fixed pcache erroneous reply (ITS#3153)
	Fixed pcache remove_query_data bug (ITS#3170)
	Fixed libldap SASL mutex init bug (ITS#3123)
	Fixed libldap SASL buffering bug (ITS#3139)
	Fixed liblutil passwd seed len bug (ITS#3169)
	Build Environment
		Fixed liblber memory debug portability bug (ITS#3116)
		Fixed back-perl perl portability bug (ITS#2554,2946)

OpenLDAP 2.2.11 Release
	Fixed slapd undefined objectclass bug (ITS#3097)
	Fixed slapd acl dn="" bug
	Updated slapd limits handling
	Build Environment
		Fixed MacOSX sl_free interop bug (ITS#3092)
		Fixed libtool -static bug
		Added Berkeley DB mismatch check

OpenLDAP 2.2.10 Release
	Build Environment
		Fix configure bug (ITS#3094)

OpenLDAP 2.2.9 Release
	Fixed slapd syncrepl replication bugs (ITS#3055,3056,3069)
	Fixed slapd slurpd update bugs
	Fixed slapd inappropriate bind error disclosure bugs
	Fixed slapd sun_path portability bug
	Fixed slapd passwd referral memory leak
	Fixed slapd sasl userdb checkpass bug (ITS#3048)
	Fixed slapd duplicate value detection (ITS#3066)
	Fixed slapd permissive modify control (ITS#3068)
	Fixed slapd updateref handling
	Fixed slapd saslauthz subtree scope bug (ITS#3077)
	Fixed back-bdb paged results bug (ITS#3076)
	Fixed back-bdb "" suffix bug (ITS#3063)
	Fixed back-bdb/hdb/ldbm approx w/o index bug (ITS#3062)
	Fixed back-meta compare return code (ITS#3042)
	Fixed back-ldbm IDL delete bug (ITS#3046)
	Fixed back-ldbm modrdn indexing bug (ITS#3059)
	Fixed libldap parse_oid core dump bug (ITS#3065)
	Fixed ldapmodify missing error information bug (ITS#3057)
	Fixed ldapsearch paged results error handling
	Updated slapd limits handling
	Updated slapd overlay framework
	Added slapd Delivery Method syntax validation (ITS#3052)
	Added libldap ditContentRule oidMacro support (ITS#2920)
	Removed lint
	Build Environment
		Fixed slapd dynamic backend build (ITS#3044)
		Fixed slaptools DESTDIR handling (ITS#3070)
		Removed deprecated configure options
		Updated configure backend/overlay options
		  Requires changes in module configuration practices

OpenLDAP 2.2.8 Release
	Fixed slapd/slapadd syncrepl bugs (ITS#2948,2995)
	Fixed slapd sasl-regexp multiple entry bug (ITS#3033)
	Fixed slapd bind method portability bug (ITS#3038)
	Fixed libldap try_read1msg bug (ITS#2982)
	Added slapd numericStringOrderingMatch rule support (ITS#2988)
	Added slurpd replication interval config option (ITS#2768)
	Build Environment
		Fixed shared library soname issues (ITS#3035)
		  May requires changes in link practices of dependent apps

OpenLDAP 2.2.7 Release
	Fixed slapd IDL avl_delete failure bug (ITS#3004)
	Fixed slapd erroneous illegal filter handling (ITS#2977)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl bugs (multiple)
	Fixed slapd value regex ACL bug (ITS#3008)
	Fixed slapd SASL dnauthz bug (ITS#2961)
	Fixed slapcat tools bug (ITS#2974)
	Fixed back-monitor crash when used with overlays (ITS#3023)
	Fixed back-ldap massaged base free (ITS#2999)
	Fixed back-meta memory leak issues (ITS#2986)
	Fixed back-glue search abandon handling (ITS#2999)
	Fixed back-sql undefined attribute name request bug (ITS#3005)
	Fixed back-sql oracle-related issues (ITS#2641)
	Fixed back-bdb empty suffix/contextCSN bug (ITS#2970)
	Fixed libldap/slapd '=' escape in DN (ITS#3009)
	Fixed back-sql attribute subtype in search request
	Updated ldapsearch paged results handling
	Added total operation count in back-monitor (ITS#2983)
	Added slapd ACL peername/expand styles (ITS#2907, ITS#3010)
	Added slapd ACL set logging (ITS#2949)
	Build Environment
		Fixed overlay module build issue (ITS#2978)
		Fixed libldap T_SRV portability bug (ITS#2990)
		Fixed AIX portability issues (ITS#2997,2998)
		Fixed shared library soname versioning (ITS#3016)
		  Requires changes in link practices of dependent apps
		Updated MS win32 port (ITS#2992)
		Fixed ldapmodrdn(1) manpage (ITS#3003)
		Updated release documents

OpenLDAP 2.2.6 Release
	Fixed slapd SASL callback handling (ITS#2926)
	Fixed slapd backglue sizelimit bug (ITS#2888)
	Fixed slapd numericStringMatch bug (ITS#2938)
	Fixed libldap maxbuf handling (ITS#2944,2956)
	Fixed libldap_r abandon msgid mutex bug 
	Fixed liblutil NS MTA MD5 passwd len bug (ITS#2899)
	Fixed slapd pcache DB init bug (ITS#2960)
	Updated libldap reference handling (ITS#2984)
	Updated slapd syncrepl support (multiple)
	Updated slapd connection deferred logging (ITS#2959)
	Updated slapd filter logging
	Updated back-ldap
	Updated back-bdb to use Btree indices instead of Hashes
		Requires recreation of indices of existing databases
	Added slapd limit groups (ITS#2967)
	Build Environment
		Fixed test021 portable echo bug (ITS#2933, ITS#2879)
		Fixed EBCDIC conversion bugs (ITS#2962)
		Misc. man page updates
	Contributed Software
		Added slapd passwd modules
		Updated libcldap++

OpenLDAP 2.2.5 Release
	Fixed slapd filter bug (ITS#2901)
	Fixed slapd/syncrepl shutdown bug (ITS#2910)
	Fixed back-glue sizeExceeded bug (ITS#2888)
	Fixed back-bdb syncrepl psearch add bug
	Fixed back-bdb/tools duplicate entry detection (ITS#2905)
	Fixed back-ldap suffix massage when --enable-rewrite=no (ITS#2923)
	Updated slapi to honor access denied return value from ACL plugins
	Fixed slapcat backglue subsequent subordinates bug (ITS#2924)
	Updated slappasswd error reporting (ITS#2906)
	Fixed CYGWIN/MINGW threading bug (ITS#2921)
	Fixed GYGWIN/MINGW ldapsearch glob problem (ITS#2922)
	Build environment
		Fixed slapd passwd portable C bug (ITS#2900)
		Fixed librewrite portable C bug (ITS#2908)
		Fixed libldap/dnssrv.c building on MacOS X
		Fixed CYGWIN/MINGW configure issues (ITS#2918)
		Fixed z/OS configure issues
		Updated ldapsearch(1) -t description (ITS#2925)

OpenLDAP 2.2.4 Release
	Initial release for "general" use.

OpenLDAP 2.1 Change Log
OpenLDAP 2.1.30 Release
	Fixed slapd userdb checkpass bug (ITS#3048)
	Fixed back-ldbm IDL delete bug (ITS#3046)
	Fixed libldap schema parsing bugs (ITS#2920, ITS#3065)
	Fixed liblutil NS MTA MD5 passwd len bug (ITS#2899)
	Removed lint (ITS#3086)
		Updated slapd.conf(5) manpage (ITS#2525)

OpenLDAP 2.1.29 Release
	Fixed slapd SASL invalid authcID crash (ITS#2961)
	Fixed slapd sasl-regexp debug crash (ITS#3033)
	Fixed back-bdb empty suffix bug (ITS#2970)
	Fixed back-bdb IDL avl_delete failure bug (ITS#3004)
	Fixed libldap assert failure (ITS#2982)

OpenLDAP 2.1.28 Release
	Fixed back-bdb slapadd crash (ITS#2974)
	Fixed typo in ACL STYLE slap_style_e enum (ITS#3001)
	Added ACL set logging (ITS#2949)
	Fixed '=' escape in DN (ITS#3009)
		Fixed ldapmodify(1) manpage (ITS#3002)
		Fixed ldapmodrdn(1) manpage (ITS#3003)

OpenLDAP 2.1.27 Release
	Fixed slapd replog ordering bug (ITS#2512)
	Fixed slapd uninitialized variable bug
	Fixed libldap SASL client callbacks (ITS#2926)
	Build Environment
		Fixed gai_strerr portability problem (ITS#2643)
		Fixed DNS res_query portability problem

OpenLDAP 2.1.26 Release
	Fixed slapd bdb error recovery bug (ITS#2865)
	Fixed slapd bdb IDL cache cleanup bug (ITS#2917)
	Fixed slapd SASL auxprop typo (ITS#2909)
	Fixed slapd backglue segfault (ITS#2924)
	Fixed slapd bind mech in authDN (ITS#2871)
	Fixed back-ldap compare operation (ITS#2893)
	Fixed back-ldap suffix massage when --enable-rewrite=no (ITS#2923)
	Fixed libldap sort references bug (ITS#2494)
	Fixed libldap SASL_MECH bug (ITS#2717)
	Fixed lutil_passwd base64 length bugs (ITS#2835, ITS#2869)
	Updated librewrite (ITS#2787)
	Updated slurpd (misc bug fixes)
	Build Environment
		Updated release documents
		Misc man page updates

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