Updated: tiff, libtiff-devel, libtiff4 -3.6.0-5

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Wed Sep 3 06:20:00 GMT 2003

The tiff package provides libraries and utilities for manipulating TIFF 
image files.  It is based on the official tiff-v3.6.0-beta2.tar.gz
distribution from libtiff.org.

This release is built against the cygwin-1.5.x kernel; it will not work 
with 1.3.22.  Further, it requires libjpeg62-6b-11 or newer.

libtiff4-3.6.0-5 (* now package)


* compiled against cygwin-1.5.2 kernel
* version bump and new package for the DLL
* updated to the tiff-v3.6.0beta2 release
* documentation moved to /usr/share/*
* Even though the US patent on LZW compression has expired in the
   US, this release of tiff does NOT include LZW capability, in
   deference to users from countries whose patent system is as
   farked up as the US, and where the LZW patent has not yet expired.

Charles Wilson
tiff volunteer maintainer for cygwin

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o The DLL exports a few variables that are "bad" -- in the
sense that they cannot be auto-imported (arrays of structs, etc).
However, these are library private and should NOT be accessed by
external programs.  If you find a rogue program out there that
messes with these internal data objects, let me know...

On the other hand, --enable-pseudo-relocs should take care of the 
problem, as an interim solution for those rogues.

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