naim 0.11.6

Daniel Reed
Sun Jul 27 16:04:00 GMT 2003

naim 0.11.6 is now available.

naim is a console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily client. Development work is done
on Linux, but naim should work on any system with an ANSI C compiler, BSD
sockets, and ncurses. This includes operating systems such as BeOS, FreeBSD,
Mac OS 10, NetBSD, and Microsoft Windows using Cygwin. naim has been in
development since October, 1998. More information is available from:

| To install or upgrade this package, run the Cygwin Net Release Setup     |
| Program, available from []. Answer all of the |
| questions to reach the Select Packages screen. You will find naim listed |
| in the "Net" category.                                                   |

Summary of changes from to 0.11.6 [2003-06-24]
[pkg FEA] naim is now able to build binary release tarballs
	(naim-VERSION-ARCH.tgz) and Cygwin/Windows releases
[pkg fea] naim will now build a separate naim_core library
	(cygnaim_core-0.dll) under Cygwin/Windows, to facilitate the dynamic
	module system.
[pkg FEA] The dynamic module system uses GNU libtool's libltdl, and now
	works on all platforms actively supported by naim.
[pkg fea] Several small documentation updates.
[pkg fea] Major header files are now installed in a global installation
[con bug] Small bugs in contrib/ found and fixed.
[UI  fea] Chat "hilites" added: If a member of a room/channel/discussion
	mentions your name, their message will be highlighted.
[UI  bug] A small bug in the /away routine has been fixed, allowing your
	/away status to be preserved across re/connects.
[UI  bug] .naimprofile will now be read for all connections in the event
	that multiple connections are declared in .naimrc.
[pkg bug] A "#warning" directive was misnamed "#warn" and has been
[Lil fea] Discussion retitles are now treated as a /topic change on IRC.
[TOC bug] /me processing in chat rooms was broken. Fixed.
[pkg FEA] The default modules have been removed, and are now distributed in
	a separate "naim-modules" package available from the naim web site.
[UI  fea] All internal routines are now declared "static," to clean up the
	module interface.
[UI  FEA] All major dependencies on ncurses in the main UI code have been
	isolated to src/win.c, to provide for easy migration to modular user
	interface routines.
[UI  FEA] New /chains command to display all event chains.
[UI  FEA] Newly rewritten /modload and new /modunload to completely control
	loadable modules.
[UI  FEA] New /modlist command to display currently loaded modules and
	their vital statistics.
[UI  FEA] Queued messages are now saved when you /save.
[UI  fea] Minor improvements to the HTML renderer.

This is a change in the release minor number, and contains mostly packaging-
related changes and code cleanups. However, new features related to the
module loading interface are present that may provide exciting possibilities
for naim extension. As with any significant release, check back within a few
days for a new patchlevel release addressing issues not discovered during
the development cycle.

If there is any questionable behaviour at all, please contact me directly at
<>, on AIM as "naim help," or on EFnet or Undernet IRC in #naim. If
you are interested in the use and development of naim, feel free to
subscribe to the naim-users mailing list. Just send a blank email to
<> and reply to the confirmation message.

Daniel Reed <>
There are people who do things and people who take the credit, and the trick is to be in the first group; there is a lot less competition. -- Dwight Morrow, American Diplomat

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