Available for test: lftp-2.6.6-1

Mark Blackburn marklist@fangorn.ca
Fri Aug 29 10:11:00 GMT 2003

lftp is an ftp client that supports many protocols: ftp, ftps, http, 
https, hftp, fish and file. lftp also has readline support (ie 
tab-completion and history like bash and ncftp). Using lftp with the 
fish protocol makes it a convenient substitute for sftp.

Known issues:

-When using the fish protocol, lftp causes a segfault when copying a 
file to the host (put operation). Smaller files (<6k) will work OK. But 
anything larger causes a segfault for me.

-lftp won't store the file time from the server. (reported by: Frédéric 
L. W. Meunier).

Mark Blackburn, lftp maintainer.

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