Updated: cygutils-1.1.4-2

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Sat Aug 9 05:58:00 GMT 2003

Actually, this has been out for about a month but smtp problems (and 
later, absentmindedness) meant that it never got announced. (Thx, Igor, 
for the reminder).  So....

The cygutils package has been updated to version 1.1.4-2.  This is a 
cygwin-1.3.22 release; it is NOT a test/cygwin-1.5.x version.  Upgrade 
to this version now.

Changes (since 1.1.4-1)
   o Fix slight bug in lpr (gilles civario)

Changes (since 1.1.3-1)
   o Rick Rankin provided an improved (re)implementation of lpr.
      - device name can now contain forward slashes
      - some windows-style device names for local devices now
        also are allowed (e.g. 'lpt1')
   o mkshortcut supports a new -w/--workingdir option.


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