Updated: texinfo 4.1

Christopher Faylor cygwin@cygwin.com
Tue Dec 31 07:35:00 GMT 2002

I've made a new version of 'texinfo' available for download.  This updates
the package to the latest version available from ftp.gnu.org.  I've
included the update information from the package NEWS file below.

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Christopher Faylor
Cygwin Engineering Manager (and Developer)
Red Hat, Inc.

4.1 (4 March 2002)
* Language:
  . new commands @verbatim and @verb for printing verbatim inserts.
  . new command @verbatiminclude for verbatim include of files.
  . new environment @documentdescription for defining the HTML description.
  . new command @afivepaper for the A5 paper size.
* makeinfo:
  . supports xml and docbook output.
  . supports HTML splitting by node, which is now the default.
  . new option --split-size to control maximum size of split info files.
* info:
  . user-specified key bindings supported.
  . ANSI escape sequences (as produced by groff) removed from man output
    by default; use --raw-escapes to let them through if your terminal
    supports them.
* texinfo.tex:
  . @math implies @tex, so all the usual plain TeX math is supported.
  . smaller fonts for @smallexample, in all page sizes.
  . improvements in the PDF support.
* texi2dvi:
  . new option -o to explicitly specify output filename.
* Distribution:
  . switch to GNU Free Documentation License (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/).
  . update to GNU gettext 0.11, autoconf 2.52, and automake 1.5.
  . Danish, Swedish, and Hebrew message translations.
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