GNU emacs 21.2-3 released

Joe Buehler
Tue Aug 13 07:17:00 GMT 2002

GNU emacs 21.2-3 has been released (the -2 version was skipped).

NOTE: emacs-21.2-1 overwrote several files from the "ctags" package.
NOTE: You should reinstall it (if you have it installed)
NOTE: to put the overwritten files back.


- resolved conflicts with the "ctags" package
- split into 3 packages:
   emacs - base package, does not require X11
   emacs-el - LISP source files (should not be needed for running emacs)
   emacs-X11 - version of emacs that supports X11
- telnet, ftp, ange-ftp, gnus, etc. all now work properly

If you don't want an X11 version of emacs, just install "emacs".  This
package no longer requires any XFree86 packages.

If you install "emacs-X11", the emacs binary gets changed to an X11 one,
but the old non-X11 one is still available as "emacs-nox", much like
RedHat linux does it.

You only need "emacs-el" if you want to modify the installed LISP sources.
The package shouldn't be needed if you just want to run emacs.

There are no outstanding porting issues that I am aware of -- everything
seems to be working.  Undumping is still not implemented -- it looks
pretty easy to do but I don't have the time at the moment, and it's not
necessary for emacs to be able to do its thing.

Joe Buehler

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