Announcing Cygwin B20.1!

Geoffrey Noer
Sun Dec 6 15:51:00 GMT 1998


I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Cygwin Beta
20.1 release for Windows NT, 95, and 98!  Appended to this message are
the 20.1 portions of the README for this release.  If you don't
already have 20.0 installed, you may want to find and read the entire
readme file, available from the project www site and from the ftp location in text

*Please* use the mirror closest to you to download the release.  It
may take a day or two for them to be updated.  Our ftp server is
really overloaded right now...

With this update installed, you should see a dramatic improvement in
both performance and stability.  Chris Faylor has done some great work
tracking down some race conditions in the signal code that caused some
of the problems present in the original B20.0 release.  Many other
lesser bug fixes are also present.  (And the less pager binary is
finally included!)


Geoffrey Noer

------------------------------- README.TXT --------------------------

Upgrading to B20.1

   If you downloaded the original B20.0 release, you should definitely
at least upgrade the Cygwin library to the version present in B20.1.
To do this, download the file
` ',
decompress it with bunzip2, and then install the dll, replacing the
file cygwin-b20/H-i586-cygwin32/bin/cygwin1.dll in your original
installation of 20.0.

   There are some additional patches in a few of the other tools
(including a gcc change that makes -mno-cygwin find the correct header
files).  In addition, the tools have been built with a compiled-in path
of /cygnus/cygwin-b20/ which will make some tools such as bison find
their library files without help from environment variables.  To
install the full 20.1 release, you will need to download the correct
installer from scratch.  It will offer to uninstall the existing
release and replace it with 20.1 (You should choose to uninstall b20 and

   We have diff files on the ftp site that can be used to upgrade the
original B20.0 sources.  20.0-20.1-dev-src.diff.bz2 upgrades the
development tools sources.  20.0-20.1-user-src.diff.bz2 upgrades the
user tools sources.  They come compressed so you'll need to bunzip2 them
before proceeding.  As an example, if the development tools are in the
directory called "src" and the patch is in the directory above it, apply
the patch as follows:

     cd src
     patch -p1 -E < ../20.0-20.1-dev-src.diff

Beta 20.1 Update (Dec 4 1998)

   This is a bug fix update to the Beta 20 release.

   The main change is an improved version of the Cygwin library although
there are also a couple of other minor changes to the tools.

Changes in specific tools:

   The "-mno-cygwin" flag to gcc now include the correct headers.  In
20.0, it included the Cygwin headers which was incorrect.

   The "-pipe" flag to gcc works correctly now.

   The cygcheck program now reassures users that not finding cpp is the
correct behavior.

   The "-b" flag to md5sum can now be used to generate correct checksums
of binary files.

   The libtermcap library has been added to the compiler tools sources.
It is the new source of the termcap library and /etc/termcap file.

   The less pager (using libtermcap) has been added to the binary

Changes in the Cygwin API (cygwin.dll):

   This version of Cygwin is backwards-compatible with the beta 20 and
19 releases.  The library is now much more stable under Windows 9x and
the bugs affecting configures under 9x (and NT to a lesser extent) have
also been fixed.

   The bug that made it necessary to start the value of the CYGWIN
environment variable with two leading spaces has been fixed.

   The serial support in the select call has been fixed.

   Handling of DLLs loaded by non-cygwin apps has been improved.  Bugs
in dlopen have been fixed.

   Passing _SC_CHILD_MAX to the sysconf function now yields CHILD_MAX
(63) instead of _POSIX_CHILD_MAX (3).

   Several minor path bugs have been fixed.  Including the one that
caused "mkdir a/" to fail.

   The include file sys/sysmacros.h has been added.  Added missing
protos for wcslen and wcscmp to wchar.h.

   __P is now defined in include/sys/cdefs.h.  To support that last
change, the top-level now sets CC_FOR_TARGET and
CXX_FOR_TARGET differently.

   Cygwin now exports the following newlib bessel functions: j1, jn, y1,

   Several tty ioctl options have been added: TCGETA, TCSETA, TCSETAW,

   Several functions cope with NULL pointer references more gracefully.

   Problems with execution of relative paths via #! should be fixed.

Geoffrey Noer
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