Frans de Boer
Wed Jan 2 17:11:00 GMT 2019

On 02-01-19 17:03, Josh Branning wrote:
> On 02/01/19 12:00, Frans de Boer wrote:
>> Dear Reader,
>> I am using the git version of crosstool-NG and want to add a new 
>> kernel. However, the above mentioned tool as well as the potential 
>> replacement are nowhere to be found.
>> I can add things manually in and in the new chksum file, but 
>> that seems a bit awkward knowing that there have been (a) tool(s) for 
>> this purpose.
>> Suggestion?
>> Regards, Frans.
> Hi there, this is probably not the best way, but is how I did so for 
> the linux-libre kernel;
> Josh

Well, if you have not yet compiled the software, then you only need to 
add a directory with a chsum file for the wanted kernel software. Not 
sure if this approach for linux-libre-* works too.
But having compiled the software and you want to patch (update) only, 
you also have to add some lines to the file. The structure is 
also given within the file.

So, it is fairly easy to make a script file for that. Making a script 
for all others pieces of software might become a bigger hurdle to take, 
but still doable.

Maybe I use/adapt the tool from the 1.23 release. Still wondering why it 
was not (anymore) included in the git (master) repository.

-- Frans.

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