Root filesystem

Baruch Siach
Thu Nov 30 08:20:00 GMT 2017

Hi Robert,

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 08:13:38AM +0000, Robert Bielik wrote:
> New to the tool! I'm planning to use this for setting up a complete build 
> toolchain for Raspberry Pi 3. This means building f.i. ALSA/GStreamer/LADSPA 
> etc. etc. and installing them in the proper rootfs which will be packaged 
> together with the toolchain.
> I suspect this is out of the scope of the ct-ng tool  ? Maybe someone has 
> ideas or pointers on how to accomplish this ?

You can try Buildroot:

You can use ct-ng to generate a toolchain and use it in Buildroot as an 
external toolchain. Or you can have Buildroot generate the toolchain for you 
(so called internal toolchain).


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