Now problem with make recursion in 1.16.0

Grant Edwards
Tue Oct 11 22:14:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-10-11, Grant Edwards <> wrote:

> I'm trying to rebuild a toolchain using ctng-1.16.0 (updating isn't
> really an option at this point in time).
> At some point within the past year, the build worked fine.  Now it
> fails.  The build script, configuration files, and all source files
> are under version control.  I'm positive they haven't changed.  What
> probably has changed are the versions of make and autotools that are
> running on the build host.

The ct-ng Makefile wants to be run with '-R -r' flags.  So, it checks
the MAKEFLAGS, and if it's not happy it munges them a bit and then
calls itself recrusively with the MAKEFLAGS it wants.

The problem is that the MAKEFLAGS munging it does doesn't result in
MAKEFLAGS that make the child happy, so it would recurse forever if
not caught and failed by the MAKELEVEL check.

The ct-ng Makefile is checking to see if the MAKEFLAGS contain Rr or
-Rr, but there's no guarantee of the order the flag characters are
going to show up.  In my case, the initial make adds "-Rr" to
MAKEFLAGS, but what the child gets is 'rR' which doesn't satisfy it,
so the whole thing repeats.

I doubt that anybody cares, but here's the patch to that
fixes the problem:

diff -r -U5 orig/crosstool-ng-1.16.0/ fixed/crosstool-ng-1.16.0/
--- orig/crosstool-ng-1.16.0/	2012-08-04 16:41:28.000000000 -0500
+++ fixed/crosstool-ng-1.16.0/	2016-10-11 16:42:14.798098680 -0500
@@ -24,11 +24,15 @@
 # Note: dual test, because if -R and -r are given on the command line
 # (who knows?), MAKEFLAGS contains 'Rr' instead of '-Rr', while adding
 # '-Rr' to MAKEFLAGS adds it literaly ( and does not add 'Rr' )
 ifeq ($(filter Rr,$(MAKEFLAGS)),)
 ifeq ($(filter -Rr,$(MAKEFLAGS)),)
+ifeq ($(filter rR,$(MAKEFLAGS)),)
+ifeq ($(filter -rR,$(MAKEFLAGS)),)
+endif # No -rR
+endif # No rR
 endif # No -Rr
 endif # No Rr
 # Remove any suffix rules

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