[RFC] Refactor autoconf options and build scripts

Jasmin J. jasmin@anw.at
Sun Sep 13 23:19:00 GMT 2015


> Yann has given
> me access to one he uses for building, and I need to get time to sit
> down and get some build tests going, for at least the samples/
> directory.
If we use travis-ci, we would gain a good integration to GitHub. You can check
any pull request before you add it into master automatically.

> I would also hope in that testing that I might be able to expose and
> to utilize a randconfig for ct-ng. This would help to build random
> configs and find combinations of options that should have constraints.
This might be something for Yann's server.

>> For
>> example, Crosstool-NG does not ensure that the proper cloog/mpc/gmp
>> version is selected for a given version of gcc (solution: make the
>> version of those components not configurable).
> With current master, I know this to be true. I need to be more strict with PRs.
The problem are the lacking predefined configurations, which are known to
work. Then each contributor can easily check if a patch doesn't break any of
this combinations.
For me, as a newbee to CT-NG, it is nearly impossible to know working
combinations. So the solution to this problem is regression testing, no matter
if it is done manually or automatic by Jenkins, Buildbot or travis-ci.


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