ct-ng fails in building cloog

Vania Joloboff vania.joloboff@inria.fr
Thu Sep 3 16:00:00 GMT 2015


I am a newbie to ct-ng but I have long been building cross compilers.
I just downloaded ct-ng 1.21.0

I tried first with the ARM sample from the list.
It worked fine. I tested the generated compiler and it works fine.
Next, I tried my own config with menuconfig for a PowerPC
target using EABI on bare metal.
No problem with the configuration.
But when I build, it builds GMP, MPFR, ISL but then it fails
in building CLooG with error

/.build/src/cloog-0.18.1/source/isl/domain.c:799:2: error: unknown type 
name 'isl_int'

I checked : the isl_int type is defined in file include/isl_int.h
  as an equivalent type to GMP type with comment

/* isl_int is the basic integer type.  It currently always corresponds
  * to a gmp mpz_t, but in the future, different types such as long long
  * or cln::cl_I will be supported.
typedef mpz_t    isl_int;

So it should compile... Any help appreciated.
I would really love to use ct-ng instead of maintaining my own script...


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