[RFC] Removal of AVR32

Bryan Hundven bryanhundven@gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 19:35:00 GMT 2015

Hello list,

In the next release of crosstool-NG, I am planning to remove AVR32 support.
Not to be confused with AVR support.

The reason for removing AVR32 support is that it is difficult to port
the large patch set for AVR32 to newer versions of GCC, and I plan to
remove older versions of gcc in upcoming version 1.23.0 of

The AVR32 toolchain for windows can be found here:
The AVR32 toolchain for linux can be found here:
And the source for both can be found here:

As mentioned in the github issue #222:

"If you really need an older version of gcc, I have nothing against
supporting older releases of crosstool-ng that have your compiler
version in it. When you open a pull request, just make sure you change
the target branch to the correct version of crosstool-ng, and not use
master. When that branch functions the way you expect, I will push a
branch release (say: 1.20.1)."

I'm told by Thomas Petazzoni that "AVR32 is a deprecated
architecture", and if no one steps up to port support for this
architecture in newer versions of gcc, then it will go away silently
in the night.

Let me know you're thoughts.



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