How to avoid rebuilding already built sources

Person Peter
Tue Nov 10 17:01:00 GMT 2015


I am beginner in crosstool-ng and no expert in makefiles.
I am trying to create toolchain for host cygwin and target Linux i386.
Host is Win7 32-bit.
Due to problem with fork on cygwin I must to build on several steps
and reboot windows.
When "ct-ng build" is building, windows memory grows till it is fully
occupied and then ct-build stops with error telling that fork()
failed. It leaves large memory leak and system is not able to free it
after cygwin is stopped even I don't know how is it possible at all :(

I appear useful RESTART feature in  ct-ng doc but it is not sufficient
to solve problem, because only one building step can take much of time
and system resources and fork problem comes.

I know that fork problem is not relating to crosstool-ng but one thing
should help me:

How to avoid rebuilding what is already built ?
I played with *.sh scripts and adjust them to skip go_gmp_for_host().
It was functional but before that step all successfully built is

For example I have built and installed GMP, but when I after reboot run:
ct-ng build RESTART='companion_libs_for_host'
it completely cleans .../crosstool-ng-1.19.0/.build/i386-unknown-linux-gnu/build
and it starts building GMP again which again takes resources and next
builds will be aborted with fork problem.

Does exist some trick to avoid building what is already build ? Some
argument to ct-ng ?


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