Help with crosstool-NG

Bryan Hundven
Tue May 27 19:07:00 GMT 2014


On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 11:53 AM, Viktor Semykin <> wrote:
> This is part of libatomic/config.log that I find helpful:
>> configure:3477: checking for C compiler default output file name
>> configure:3499:
>> /media/storage/269/ct/.build/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/build/build-cc-final/./gcc/xgcc
>> -B/media/storage/269/ct/.build/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/build/build-cc-final/./gcc/
>> -B/home/thesame/x-tools/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/bin/
>> -B/home/thesame/x-tools/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/lib/
>> -isystem
>> /home/thesame/x-tools/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/include
>> -isystem
>> /home/thesame/x-tools/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/sys-include
>> -g -Os   conftest.c  >&5
>> /home/thesame/x-tools/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/powerpc-unknown-linux-uclibc/sysroot/usr/lib/crt1.o:
>> In function `_start':
>> (.text+0x44): undefined reference to `__uClibc_main'

It would seem to me that uClibc is not being linked into gcc.

> On 26/05/14 16:33, Viktor Semykin wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm trying to build cross toolchain based on old (heavily patched for my
>> board) linux kernel 2.6.9, new gnu toolchain and uclibc. I now made
>> progress to 'Installing final compiler' step, which gets failed.
>> As far as I can tell from logs, stage 2 compiler fails to create
>> executables with uClibc (because cannot find uClibc_main symbol, because
>> doesn't link with libc.a but links with crt1.o).
>> Could you please help me find mistake in my configs? I assume I
>> misconfigured uClibc but I cannot understand what's wrong.
>> crosstool config:
>> uclibc config:
>> build.log:
> --
> best, Viktor.

I would assume that since buildroot switched from uClibc to glibc as
the default, because of the lack of maintenance going into it, it
would be wise to look at using newlib or another libc.
(Thanks to Yann for digging these links up for me!)

But, I'm guessing that since uClibc has been less interesting to the
developers of crosstool-ng, that it has not gotten attention to keep
it working.

I'm sure that after I send this email, someone will be working on a patch...





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