Experienced opinion about the configuration is required.

Mau Z zmau1962@gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 14:21:00 GMT 2014

Hi all,

I am a newbie, so it took me a lot of time/attempts to build something
which I considered simple at the beginning (once again, I am a
If someone wants I can elaborate on the process (I do not know if this
interests anyone).

But, the process had "downgraded my piece of mind".
So, I wonder if someone can give his/her opinion about the wisdom of
the combination of choices made:

*) Linux 3.4.47 + rt-patch 62   (kind of a must).
*) crosstool-ng 1.18     (new, but not newest).
*) gcc-4.7.3             (gcc-4.7.2 failed to build at some point, so
I switched)
*) glibc 2.14.1         (glibc 2.9 failed to build at some point, so I switched)
*) binutils 2.22         (binutils 2.21 failed to build at some point,
so I switched)
*) gdb     6.8a

Up until here, I generally know what are we talking about.
Most of the next packages I have no idea what are they for........
*) dmalloc 5.5.2
*) duma  2_5_15
*) ltrace   0.5.3
*) strace   4.5.19
*) GMP   4.3.2
*) MPFR   2.4.2
*) PPL   0.11                (All the others did not work, this was
the last attempt after googeling the error message).
*) CLOOG   0.15.10
*) MPC   0.8.2

A little bit of explanation :
The starting point was that I needed Linux 3.4 + RT Patch  (difficult
to change). The best thing wold be Linux 3.4.47 + rt-patch 62  (proven
to be working).

crosstool-ng offers to work with Linux 3.4.25 which does not have an
RT patch (So turned to my favorite version).

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