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Harold Grovesteen
Thu Dec 18 16:35:00 GMT 2014

On Wed, 2014-12-17 at 14:15 -0800, Bryan Hundven wrote:

> This project is switching to github.


> The reasons I moved us to github was:
> 1) ease infrastructure maintenance
> 2) provide a way to track issues/bugs

Very valid and github addresses these issues.
> Again, I started this thread for constructive conversation around
> this, but I've not gotten any, so I'm not going to respond to this
> thread and keep pushing forward with github.
> -Bryan
I made a small contribution some time back, so really do not have an
opinion about the work flow.  I absolutely hate patches.  However, I am
a developer in another project, the Hercules emulator.

The Hercules project switched to github a couple of years ago.  One of
the best decisions the project made.  Yes, there was griping from the
developers (and users).  From a maintainer perspective this is a good
decision.  You will find even more things you can do with github, for
example, hosting web pages, something the Hercules project does.

I will only add from my experience that it takes some time for the work
flow issues to get resolved.  In the case of the Hercules project none
of the developers were familiar with github so everyone had to go
through a learning curve.  As contributors get more familiar with it and
its use with this project, work flow adjustments will naturally emerge.
That is when the constructive conversation can really occur.  Be patient
and flexible moving forward.  Change is rough for most of us.  The
"bumpy" ride is to be expected.

Keep moving forward!

Harold Grovesteen

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