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Carsten Schoenert
Tue Dec 16 13:09:00 GMT 2014


Am 16.12.2014 um 03:46 schrieb Bryan Hundven:
>> Basically, I would try and convince as many people as you can to use
>> github instead of the mailing list for code review and patch
>> submission. It will make your life easier.
>> Either jump into github with two feet, or not at all.
> I feel exactly the same on this topic.
> For one, I'm a fairly busy person and tracking the mailing list is not
> my strong suit, although you can tell (by watching merges of pull
> requests and ability to track issues on github) that management via
> github is much simpler.

I totally disagree here. I can't see a difference between the time
needed by reading mails on a mailing list and a web UI, so that's no
point for dropping the mailing list. So why should I change my work flow
to browse through a web interface if I can do the same by reading my mails?
And for me I can follow a well structured patchset via git-email better
than on various web sites. Note there is more than the github service!

> With all due respect to Yann for starting this project and his ability
> to track the mailing list - there were many times when contributions
> were posted and passed without comments or being applied because of
> his busy schedule. If it wasn't for Yann, I (and many others) would
> not be here. Yann continues to provide guidance and development on
> crosstool-ng. I have no words to describe my gratitude to him, except
> that I need to order tickets to the next ELC in europe so that I can
> buy him and the free-electrons devs some beer and a few rounds of
> billiards! :D

Yes, it's up to the devs to track the ML or merge requests. But
crosstool is also using patchwork which is great for not loosing any
patches with the command line tool or the web UI itself.
And discussions I also prefer to take via a classical mailing list.
Every mailing list is a push service, but on the web interfaces it's up
to you to get the infos. So no, I like the automatism to get a email if
someone is writing something.

>> Maintaining a mailing list for development as well as issue tracker
>> will only serve to confuse and segment the community. In the end, it
>> makes more sense to use the mailing list for user support/help and
>> keep code review and other development "stuff" in github.

Definitive no!
Why the hell only working on github? It's overkill especially for
one-time committer to only accept the workflow via a github pull
request. I won't do that!
If it will happen I'm out a here.

> ...And I don't want that. I also see the mailing list (and the
> #crosstool-ng channel) as ways to get support for
> crosstool-ng, and general discussions and RFCs. The mailing list is
> called "CrossGCC", and isn't (and shouldn't be) specific to
> crosstool-ng. It is about discussion on creating cross compilers with
> gcc, in the general sense.

Yes but that's the smallest part here. I haven't see any big discussion
about creating cross compilers on the list in the last two years and
there won't be any in the next two years. Around 60% of the traffic was
coming from people with problems while running Yann's scripts, the other
are mostly patches or discussions about the patches.
So please keep the mailing list as it just is! It's a communication
platform without the time pressure like on IRC Channels.

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