github... need suggestions from you.

Wed Dec 10 16:59:00 GMT 2014

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> Bryan,
> Another "1 commit" contributor here, so take me opinions with a grain of salt.

I got you beat:  according to the e-mail I'm a 0 commit (though, I did
have several patches that did get accepted into CT-NG???).  I would
rather (now) do the e-mail way as I am not completely familiar with git.
I've been in the corporate world in which I have used various tools like
SVN, CSV, StarTeam, and Perforce.  git, though may be the BEST solution
for OSS, is not something I've ever taken the time to (or been forced to)

diff -Naur a b > changes

on the other hand, works GREAT for me!

So, I’m in Addreas's camp on this one (but would support what Thomas 
suggested for the main-line, hard-core developers of CT-NG).

My $0.04  (inflation :) )


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