Announcement: Moving to github

Bryan Hundven
Tue Dec 9 10:37:00 GMT 2014

On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 1:34 AM, Andreas Bießmann <> wrote:
> Dear Bryan,
> On 2014-12-06 04:10, Bryan Hundven wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> # How is this transition going to work?
>> I personally have two remotes in my local git clone of crosstool-ng.
>> My origin is currently the new github repository, and I have another
>> remote for the repository.
>> As we clear out patchworks, I will be applying those changes to
>> and then pushing those to github. As new pull
>> requests come in from github, I will help work the pull requests into
>> the github repository and push those changes to the
>> repository.
>> When patchwork is empty and there are no more patches to be worked
>> there, I will turn off patchwork and the git
>> repository.
>> There might still be need for the server is currently
>> on, so that might stick around for a while.
> I'd appreciate the repository could stay there, at least as
> a mirror for the one at github. Wouldn't it be possible to sync the github
> repo to the one? Once patches are only integrated at github
> this will be a simple fast-forward for the repo, a single
> oneliner could do that.

Look at and compare it with and tell me if anything
is out of sync. I've been keeping them in sync, even after starting
the github account.


> regards
> Andreas Bießmann

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