github... need suggestions from you.

Andreas Bießmann
Tue Dec 9 10:02:00 GMT 2014

resent due to spam message (ml + ml-owner)

Dear Bryan,

On 2014-12-09 09:24, Bryan Hundven wrote:
> List,
> Prior to github, you'd 'git send-email' a change, it would be peer
> reviewed here, and once approved, it was applied.
> Post github, you fork the repo, make a branch, commit your changes,
> and approvals are done prior to merging the change.

I personally dislike this change. I'll not get an github account just 
for adding changes to ct-ng.
Maybe I'm a bit out-of-date, but I really like the 'git send-email' 
feature and can't get familiar with latest evolutions in opensource 
development tools and work-flows. It seems others can't either. U-Boot 
tried to implement gerrit [1] which would also be a drastic change in 
how to work together. Finally this was stopped in favour of the old 
fashioned way.

All I'd like to say is: Bryan, if you think going to github is a good 
idea, please do so. But please also accept that at least some still want 
to send their changes via mail. If going to github also means we kill 
the list, the mail would finally end at your address.

best regards

Andreas Bießmann


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