github... need suggestions from you.

Bryan Hundven
Tue Dec 9 08:24:00 GMT 2014


Prior to github, you'd 'git send-email' a change, it would be peer
reviewed here, and once approved, it was applied.

Post github, you fork the repo, make a branch, commit your changes,
and approvals are done prior to merging the change.

>From the test run I've done in the last couple of days, this hasn't
worked out so well. And I'm looking for suggestions with this

The major problem is that there is seemingly no way to have
notifications of pull requests go to this mailing list:

So peer review must happen on github. I don't like this and I'm sure
you'd like to review things too.

The next problem is that my changes haven't been peer-reviewed, which
lead to some mishaps with some linaro changes (which ultimately needs
to be rewritten anyways, as there is a better way to manage that using
kconfig options that are already in place). So, I need to eat the dog
food and do pull requests myself.

I'm not going to merge any changes until we can all agree on the
workflow, so please post your thoughts on this topic.



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