[CT_NG] docs: asciidoc/HTML version

Bryan Hundven bryanhundven@gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 06:15:00 GMT 2014


On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 4:04 PM, Tom Janson <tom.janson@rwth-aachen.de> wrote:
> Hi Bryan & list,
> regarding the new Github Pages website, I got some very preliminary stuff going:
> https://crosstool-ng.github.io/
> [404 errors are intentional for now.]
> Feel free to comment, otherwise I'll continue in this direction. ;)
> I *don't* think the (literal) "home" page should be as long and full
> of stuff as the current http://crosstool-ng.org/ page - I'd rather
> factor the different sections out into separate pages - which leads to
> the question: What do we actually want on the home page?

I'm rather partial to how the new http://buildroot.org site looks.
It's very clean, has recent discussions on the mailing list and
changes in the git repository.

> For now, the website mostly displays the news, partly because that's
> at the top of the current website and because that sort of dynamic
> content is Jekyll's strong suit.
> However, I personally think that the news are the *least* important
> bit: I don't visit the website to see the news, that's what the
> mailing list is for. I'd like to see more "help text" like usage &
> general info - including the stuff that's currently hidden away in the
> docs.

I agree. Maybe the mailing list is news enough. I'd like to hear input
from others.

What are your thoughts, crossgcc list?

> I tried to do justice to that by adding that little info box at the
> top: Some short general info with links to the relevant material,
> target audience: novice users and people just passing by. Anyway,
> ---> What do *you* want to see on the home page? Do you care about the
> news (being at the very front)? Other ideas?
> Regards,
> Tom Janson

Tom, again, thanks for stepping up and doing this!


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