[CT_NG] docs: asciidoc/HTML version

Tom Janson tom.janson@rwth-aachen.de
Tue Dec 9 00:04:00 GMT 2014

Hi Bryan & list,

regarding the new Github Pages website, I got some very preliminary stuff going:


[404 errors are intentional for now.]

Feel free to comment, otherwise I’ll continue in this direction. ;)

I *don’t* think the (literal) “home” page should be as long and full
of stuff as the current http://crosstool-ng.org/ page – I’d rather
factor the different sections out into separate pages – which leads to
the question: What do we actually want on the home page?

For now, the website mostly displays the news, partly because that’s
at the top of the current website and because that sort of dynamic
content is Jekyll’s strong suit.

However, I personally think that the news are the *least* important
bit: I don’t visit the website to see the news, that’s what the
mailing list is for. I’d like to see more “help text” like usage &
general info – including the stuff that’s currently hidden away in the

I tried to do justice to that by adding that little info box at the
top: Some short general info with links to the relevant material,
target audience: novice users and people just passing by. Anyway,

---> What do *you* want to see on the home page? Do you care about the
news (being at the very front)? Other ideas?

Tom Janson

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