Announce: Revisiting Patchwork (aka, if you have a patch in patchwork, your attention is ***required***!)

Bryan Hundven
Thu Dec 4 23:47:00 GMT 2014

Hello list,

I'm starting to go back and review patches submitted to the mailing
list that are listed in our patchwork list:
in an attempt to get patchwork current.

If you've been CC'd on this email, you have a patch in patchwork
because the mailing list is scrapped for diffs and patches.

All the patches are currently set to the "NEW" state.
If you still want to get your patch reviewed, please respond to the
thread the patch is in with:

    "Please review me" the body of the message, and I will set the state to "Under
Review" and we will try to get your patch in.

If you don't respond by December 31st, 2014, I will set the state to
"Rejected" and will Archive the patch in patchwork. If your patch ends
up in this state, it's still on the mailing list and you can respond
to it after that date and I will still review the patch.

The goal is to get patchwork back to a state where there are no "NEW"
patches, unless there are actually new patches.

If your patch is also badly out of date, please rebase your patch to
the current HEAD at:

Thank you for your attention!



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