Canadian cross of GDB with Static build set?

Per Arnold Blaasmo
Tue Sep 24 11:19:00 GMT 2013

I have been experimenting with som canadian builds and trying to build GDB.

After adding builds of ncurses and expat on the host-platform I get
error when doing a static build (CT_GDB_CROSS_STATIC=y).
In the script file I find this code:

    if [ "${CT_GDB_CROSS}" = "y" ]; then
        if [ "${CT_GDB_CROSS_STATIC}" = "y" ]; then
            CC_for_gdb="gcc -static"
            LD_for_gdb="ld -static"

But this finds the 'gcc' installed natively on the build-platform, and
that gives errors.
If I change this to be '${CT_HOST_PREFIX}gcc -static' and
'${CT_HOST_PREFIX}ld -static' it seems to work OK.

So, should these lines be changed to:
        if [ "${CT_GDB_CROSS_STATIC}" = "y" ]; then
            CC_for_gdb="${CT_HOST_PREFIX}gcc -static"
            LD_for_gdb="${CT_HOST_PREFIX}ld -static -static"

or somthing along these lines?

Per A.

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