Canadian build for AVR
Wed May 8 22:32:00 GMT 2013

I've been trying to do a Canadian build for the Avr32 without much
success. I get lots of different compile failures depending on which
releases of the various components I pick.

I used this approach..

apt-get install avc-gcc, etc...
This is for building the libraries. Haven't gotten that far yet.

Download OpenWrt git, select a target of MIPS Ralink 3050. That will
build the MIPS cross compiler with uclibc support for the target.
Many gcc verisions to pick from including the linaro builds. This step
works fine.

Use crosstool-ng to try and do the Canadian build.
build = x86
host = mipsel + uclibc
target = avr bare metal.
point it at the OpenWrt compiler.

I tried a dozen different versions of the various tools and couldn't
get anything to finish a compile.
I also don't see how to set the host for a uclibc build.

My crazy idea is to repurpose routers as a cheap IDE for Arduinos. I
need the avr compiler on the router to do that. The routers only have
32-64MB of memory and slow flash for disk. So native compilation of
something large (like gcc) is painful.

Jon Smirl

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